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Future Diplomat Graduates from UST

Future world leader Nadeen Mustafa does not waste time in muddled indecision. Like the career diplomat she plans to be, Mustafa gathers facts, analyzes them and swiftly moves forward.  Usually, her passionate focus supports rebuilding of Libya, the African country where a well-establish dictator was overthrown and from which her Libyan-born parents fled.    

 “Libya had such a long-running dictatorship and so much damage was done there psychologically,” Mustafa said. “It’s important, in this new chapter of Libyan development, that those who left now use their talents and skills to help redevelop.”

Expect Mustafa to be instrumental in supporting that redevelopment.

With a remarkable worldview, plus the energy and determination to act from it, the December 2013 graduate in international development is mapping a strategic course for herself.  She walks across the stage on May 17 as one of 298 undergraduates and 739 graduates at the University’s 64th Commencement Ceremony at Reliant Arena.

Accepted to Columbia University in the fall, the young woman already fluent in English, Arabic and French, intends to pursue a master degree in international affairs, and then secure a law degree.

“In my career, I want to be part of building bridges that connect the world,” Mustafa said. “Specifically, I want to focus on economic and political development, policy recommendations and consulting for private and non-profit development to support Libya and Libyan-Americans.”

When it comes to experience, she has a head start. Mustafa is on the board for Libyan American Organization and she serves as the ambassador for Libya on the World Affairs Council.

Very important to her career path, though, was the choice she made to attend UST. A Muslim, Mustafa has attended Catholic school for seven years.

“I picked the right school,” Mustafa said. “UST, and specifically the international studies program, sets you up to be a world leader. It is such an important field, and the passion for it on this campus is tremendous. For me, it’s fascinating to learn about and understand things like why there is poverty and why there is war and what is next in this dynamic world we live in.”

This unofficial ambassador for UST went on, “I can’t say enough about the faculty and Dr. Hans Stockton’s everlasting support and patience for my Libyan cheerleading.”

Perhaps not surprisingly, Mustafa is engaged to marry someone who shares her passion for Libya. He is an orthopedic surgeon presently in the United States on a diplomatic mission from Libya to attend those of his countrymen who were wounded during the revolution and are receiving medical care here.

The graduation is in May, wedding in June, and the couple will move to New York in August.