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International Studentís UST Takeaways No Fairytale

Vita Busyra staked her claim as a writer early. A fictional love story she penned at the age of 16 was published in Indonesia’s most popular teen magazine.  Success fed her fire to continue and, ultimately, saw her performing the role of editor-in-chief at University of St.Thomas’ Thoroughfare magazine as the international student worked toward her master’s degree in liberal arts with a concentration in communications.

Completing her MLA in December 2013, Busyra reflected on the storyline of her own life, how it led to her studying at UST, and how the opportunities and challenges here increased her confidence and leadership skills.

Her father, a diplomat, was posted to Houston as the Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia in 2010; Busyra followed a few months later.

Making UST her university of choice was easy.

Busyra said, “UST was recommended to me by two Indonesian diplomats who graduated from here. I was told it would be academically challenging and supportive. And they were right. The professors are excellent and so helpful. Every student I pass smiles and greets me. It’s an amazing feeling whenever I walk through the campus.”

She threw herself into her studies, was elected president of the Indonesian Student Association, and eventually landed that demanding editor role.

“My editor job was to make sure everything was organized, every detail,” Busyra said. “I read every article that was submitted, did the layout, promoted the publication to potential writing contributors and presented a weekly report to my advisor for approval.”

Though Busyra insists she has no intention of following in her father’s footsteps, she sounds pleased at the chance to have cultivated her negotiation gene at UST.

“As editor of the magazine, I had to learn to help the very culturally diverse team reach consensus when two individuals were in a disagreement,” Busyra said. “I learned to enter into their perspectives and negotiate so an agreement could be reached and things could move forward.” 

Because of her UST experience, she sees herself as stronger and better at motivating others.

With an MLA on top of her undergraduate degree in pre-law from the University of Indonesia, Busyra plans to return to her native country and continue writing while she considers whether to pursue a Ph.D.

“I hope to be a journalist or perhaps work in public relations,” Busyra said.

Far from the end of this story.