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UST Alumnus Hamilton Loomis To Rock Festa Italiana

UST Alumnus Hamilton Loomis To Rock Festa ItalianaTouring non-stop since 2001, University of St. Thomas graduate Hamilton Loomis has brought his “blues-rock-funk-groove-soul” music to audiences all over the United States and the world. Loomis will return to his alma mater to play live at the Festa Italiana at 7:30 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 15.

Loomis promises an energetic, interactive performance at Festa Italiana. His live shows are known for their funky rhythms, booming horns, powerful yet refined harmonica and Loomis’ soulful vocals coupled with his stellar guitar work.

“I really like the audience to experience our live shows, not just listen,” he said. “I love performing and I love feeling connected to the audience and getting them involved.”

A native of Galveston and current resident of Katy, Loomis graduated magna cum laude in 1998 with a double degree in music and communication. He recalls his time at St. Thomas fondly and said his education has helped him in numerous aspects of his music career.

Loomis was performing on stage long before he enrolled at UST. He learned drums, piano, guitar, bass and harmonica by his early teens, and toured regularly as part of his family’s doo-wop group.

His musical talent was further cultivated at St. Thomas where he valued the, “small classes and one-on-one attention from professors who were always attentive and eager to help.”

“Both degrees have helped me professionally,” he said. “Being in the jazz ensemble really paid off. After I graduated, I had more jazz gigs than I could handle. My communication degree and the internship I had at Fox 26 with Professor John Butler helped me become a lot more media savvy, so I am comfortable promoting my music and doing appearances on television.”

Loomis said he is looking forward to seeing how much campus has changed when he returns  for the Festa Italiana performance.

“Coming back to St. Thomas is going to be fun and bring back a lot of memories,” he said.  “I was really immersed in campus life and I lived on campus all four years. One of the best aspects of my time at UST was just sitting around, discussing philosophy and politics and the world around us. St. Thomas really encourages you to think for yourself and opens your mind.”

Loomis is working on a new studio CD, editing his first live performance DVD and has a steady touring schedule through the fall.

Learn more about Loomis, watch videos and listen to his music at

Photos courtesy of Anthony Rathburn