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UST Presents STEM Research at ACS

UST Presents STEM Research at ACSRepresentatives from the University of St. Thomas Department of Chemistry and Physics will present results from their STEM -- science, technology, engineering and math -- research projects at the 68th Southwest Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society in Baton Rouge, La. from Nov. 4-6. Seven undergraduate students, one staff member and two faculty will engage in a unique learning experience that few undergraduates get to experience.

“Undergraduates will get experience in presenting research work at a professional scientific meeting,” said Dr. Elmer Ledesma, assistant professor in chemistry. “As ambassadors for UST, students will network with peers and potential employers or graduate schools, practice their communication skills, which are embodied in the UST mission statement, broaden their research view by listening to scientific presentations and advertise current research conducted at UST.”

UST research groups will present their posters at the Undergraduate Poster Session on Nov. 4.

Senior chemistry major Anabel Rubio, along with her faculty mentor Dr. Birgit Mellis, assistant professor in physics, will present their work on “Solvent Effects on the Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles Using Polyetheramines.”

Senior chemistry major Angela Lopez will present her work on “Synthesis of Dinitrochalcones and their Reduction to Diaminochalcones.”

Senior environmental science major Jennifer Osorio and senior chemistry and Catholic studies major Esther Hudson will present their work on “Preliminary Analysis of EDC's in Houston Wastewater.”

Junior mathematics major An Nguyen and her chemistry staff mentor Dr. Xiaohui Cai will present their work on “Electrochemical Properties of Nitro-Substituted Quinoxalinoporphyrins.”

Dr. Elmer Ledesma will give an oral presentation titled “Vapor-Phase Cracking of Eugenol: Distribution of Condensable Products as Functions of Temperature and Residence Time” at the Clean Energy, Materials, and the Materials Genome Initiative Symposium on Nov. 5.

ACS, a non-profit organization chartered by Congress, is the world’s largest scientific society that serves the needs of professionals employed in the chemical sciences and engineering fields. ACS publishes many high-impact and internationally-recognized journals, convenes national and regional scientific conferences, and offers programs in education, science policy and careers in the chemistry enterprise.

Pictured (left to right):
Dr. Xiaohui Cai (chemistry), Anabel Rubio, Angela Lopez, Dr. Elmer Ledesma (chemistry) and Dr. Birgit Mellis (physics).