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UST ROTC Graduates Embark on Military Careers

UST ROTC Graduates Embark on Military CareersWhile most students are fast asleep, Dymond Mosley, Ira LeRoy and Jeffrey Parmer are doing pushups, running and working out to maintain top physical shape. Physical training starts at 6:30 a.m. every other day, so they are up well before dawn to be on time.

As cadets in the University of St. Thomas Army Reserve Training Corps, PT is only a small part of a larger commitment. On May 10, in a ceremony attended by UST President Dr. Robert Ivany, Mosley, LeRoy and Parmer were commissioned into the U.S. Army as second lieutenants and are prepared to embark on their military career. 

The University of St. Thomas offers Air Force and Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps programs in partnership with the University of Houston. Cadets take part in physical training and drills and attend military science classes at UH, while completing their academic courses at St. Thomas. Through this partnership, students are able to participate in a large, nationally-ranked ROTC program while receiving an education at a private university.

In addition to learning leadership and professional skills, the cadets have developed a strong foundation with a liberal arts education that will serve them for life in the military and beyond.

Dymond Mosley
Mosley, a liberal arts major with a focus in communications, will join the 10/95th at Ellington Field Joint Reserve Base Houston as a human resource officer.
Mosley was drawn to the ROTC program because she did not know how else to pay for college; however, she quickly realized the profound opportunity she was afforded in serving her country.

“I didn’t become interested in the military until I began my freshman year of college and had already started the ROTC program,” Mosley said. “Growing up, I was a girly girl and the military was far from my mind.”

Mosley says that her time with ROTC has been influential in her growth and development as both a cadet and a person. The program taught her to enjoy good times, and with prayer and support from family and friends, persevere through tough times.

“UST helped me in ROTC by strengthening my faith,” Mosley said. “If I had not gone to UST I would not have the relationship with God that I have today.”

UST ROTC Graduates Embark on Military CareersIra LeRoy
LeRoy, an English major, has National Guard duties to fulfill over the summer and will report for duty with the 636th Military Intelligence Battalion in San Antonio this August.

Driven by a sense of responsibility, LeRoy says that after 9/11 he didn’t feel comfortable sitting on the sidelines. When the opportunity arose, he joined the National Guard, a reserve component of the U.S. Army, but will be activated when he reports for duty.

“I wanted a chance to lead troops at the command level,” LeRoy said.

LeRoy says his time at UST helped shape him into the leader he is by allowing him to study and discuss ethical choices he may have to face in the field. He credits Dr. Ted Rebard, associate professor of philosophy, for being one of the most influential professors during his college career.

“In his ethics and metaphysics classes, Dr. Rebard taught me you can’t just make choices and go with them,” LeRoy said. “You have to make good choices and go with them.”

Jeffrey Parmer
Parmer, who received a master in liberal arts with a focus in communications, will begin his active duty career on July 5 at Fort Lee, Virginia for Ordnance Basic Officer Leadership Course. Then he will be stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington with the 593rd Sustainment Brigade.

Parmer understands the commitment required to actualize a dream.

“ROTC requires a lot of dedication and effort,” Parmer said. “The program forced me to practice good study habits and time management.”

Through this dedication, he was able to exercise the leadership skills and confidence necessary to become a strong and competent leader. Parmer has always had a strong desire to serve in the military, and he hopes to make a career out of his military service.

“ROTC gave me the opportunity to complete a master’s program at UST and to achieve my ultimate dream of becoming an Army officer.”

For more information about UST’s ROTC Program, contact Phillip Butcher, Director of Graduate Admissions & Veteran Services, at 713-942-3409.