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UST alumna lands coveted Baker Hughes position

Otariya FolorunsoOtariya Folorunso monitors levels on her screen; should the levels fluctuate too much the chemicals in the 6,000 gallon tanks run the risk of becoming volatile.

Folorunso, a process engineer and native of Nigeria uses the skills she acquired during her college career to monitor the entire chemical process and ensure accidents don’t happen.

“I believe the skills I have attained help me focus on the daily technical tasks as well as the big picture for both myself and the company,” said Folorunso.

Folorunso graduated from Prairie View A&M University with a Bachelor of Science degree in chemical engineering. Shortly afterward, she chose to attend the University of St. Thomas Cameron School of Business and graduated with an MBA in international business in 2011.

Folorunso chose St. Thomas because of its high success rate in grooming individuals with diverse backgrounds into well-rounded and ethical business professionals.

Dr. Shahram Taj, her operations management and supply chain professor, recognized her potential and recommended her to his contact at Baker Hughes.
"Otariya was one of my best MBA students, always on-time, focused and very serious,” said Taj.

At the Baker Hughes Experience, a rigorous day-long interview and assessment process, Folorunso performed very well and was offered a coveted internship.
In May 2011, Folorunso began her three-month internship at the Baker Hughes Bayport Facility as a supply chain professional. Because of her strong work ethic and strong performance in the position, Folorunso’s internship was extended through December. Toward the end of her second internship, Folorunso was offered a full-time position as a process engineer.

“The education I attained while attending the University of St. Thomas Cameron School of Business prepared me both intellectually and emotionally to operate effectively in the workforce,” said Folorunso.