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Vote Now! The Beans band nominated for Houston Press Music Awards

Vote Now! The Beans band nominated for Houston Press Music Awards Vote for UST group, The Beans, as Best New Act, Best Drummer and Best Bassist online at 2011 Houston Press Music Awards Ballot . Fans can vote once per day, and online voting is open through midnight, Nov. 12.

See video of The Beans in concert.

The Beans, a local Houston band comprised of current and former University of St. Thomas students, received multiple nominations for the 2011 Houston Press Music Awards, including “Best New Act.”

The band members include senior international studies major Christian Galatoire, guitarist, alumnus Brendan Hall ’10, drummer, alumnus Daniel Taylor ’10, bassist, and a fourth member, Sam Griffin.  The Band has gained popularity on campus, playing for a UST Social Entrepreneurship Program fundraiser and at the Concert on the Mall in March.

The Beans received three nominations in the 2011 Houston Press Music Awards, which were selected based on the number of fan nominations received through the Houston Press’ first-round online ballot.

Along with receiving a nomination for the Best New Act Award, Hall received a nomination for “Best Drummer,” and Taylor was nominated for “Best Bassist.”

During their time at UST, Hall and Taylor met as active members of the University’s Jazz Ensemble, which they credit with helping them prepare for their journey with the beans.

“The small classes and individual attention I received at St. Thomas provided me with the opportunity to develop as a person and as a musician that has strongly translated into The Bean’s success,” Taylor said.

In spring 2010, the band started practicing on Saturdays in UST’s Cullen Hall. There, The Beans began writing music and their blues and rock style developed, with a rhythmic and melodic bass.

“There’s a little bit of funk and soul in there,” Hall said. “All of our songs are original, though we do some covers and mix it up. We try not to do carbon copies; we try to play it our own way.”

The Beans members said they are grateful for the amount of support they have received.

“It’s incredible enough to be able to play together as a band,” Galatoire said. “But what makes this so surreal is the amount of support we’ve received from our fans. If it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t be where we are today.”

The band has played at venues like Fitzgerald’s, the Continental Club and Rudyards.

“A lot of St. Thomas students come to see us,” Hall said. “They’ll tell others, and a lot of people come to every show we do.”

Hall said his father, Dr. Terry Hall, associate professor of Philosophy and Director of the Honors Program, came up with the name of the group. Before he started the band, Brendan Hall said his family was brainstorming band names for fun at the dinner table. “My dad sat there quietly taking it all in, and then he just said, ‘The Beans,’” Hall said. “It’s a cool band name. It’s simple. It’s kinda corny, but kind of catchy at the same time.”

The Beans are in the middle of recording a three-song demo, and hope to get picked up by a record label. The band also wants to do a Texas tour.

“We’re probably going to rent a van or use our singer’s truck, and tour around Texas,” Hall said. “I want to start with Dallas, San Antonio and Austin, then branch out elsewhere in Texas and eventually other states.”

“And if it really takes off, then hopefully the world,” Taylor said.

The Beans will also perform at the Houston Press Music Awards Showcase at 6-6:45 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 12 at Ben’s Beans, a Downtown coffee shop at 1302 Dallas. They will return to campus to play at Shadwell’s Wake, starting at 8 p.m. on Nov. 20 in Malloy Hall. For other show information, visit The Beans on Facebook.

Photo Credits: Front page photo, Sergio Santos Photography. Above Photo: Christian Puente