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What does wireless access mean to a UST student?
Wireless access means that if you own a laptop or PDA that can receive a wireless signal, you’ll be able to get your email, access to the web, Blackboard and mystthom without using any wires or physical connections in the library or computer lab.

Where can I access these services on campus?
View map of all available buildings with wireless access.

Can I go out on the Academic Mall with wireless?
All of the access points have a “bleed over” effect that inadvertently allows a signal to work outside of the above-named buildings. The distance, signal strength and overall reception will vary depending upon obstacles, glass, floors, walls and the type of computer you own.

What do I need to connect to this system?
The most technical specification that anyone needs to know is: IEEE 802.11b. A device must be IEEE 802.11b compliant in order to function on the UST network.

A user can utilize a variety of devices such as a laptop, PDA such as a Palm Pilot or Windows CE, Tablet PC, etc. Some laptops have a wireless device built in; others can easily have an IEEE 802.11b compliant card added for a small cost.

Which laptop or wireless card does UST recommend?
The University does not endorse any business, service or product. However, several guidelines will help students make practical choices. The University purchases all computers from one vendor to reduce costs and increase response times for service. Dell Inc. is currently the vendor for computers on campus.

Any 802.11b compliant wireless network card should function correctly with the UST wireless system. Testing over the last three months has yielded excellent results with a Cisco AIR-AP350 wireless card.

What kind of software do I need? 
A modern release of Windows OS is ideal for most users. Previous versions of Windows – XP, 2000, ME, NT and 98 SE can operate successfully with this network.

Macintosh users can also use the network. The key is the use of an 802.11b compliant wireless card.

Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher________ are the most popular browsers. Software drivers that come with the wireless card are usually sufficient to use this network. Use

Microsoft's free Windows Update service to patch your computer. From your Windows computer, using Internet Explorer:

What about music or videos? Can I download them from this network?
Although technically possible, it isn’t very practical to use the wireless system for these activities.

The wireless network is only one-tenth the access speed of computers in the library or computer lab. So, it would take you nine times longer to perform the same operation.

The wireless network is a shared environment. More users logged on to any given access point will drop the speed for all users. One user downloading a large file will drop the speed for all the users who share this access point.

Are there any safety/security issues that I should be aware of in using this network?

The most obvious is the use of electrical cords for power. Watch out for tripping hazards and danger from electrical shock if you are outdoors.

Since this is an open network, it is best for the user to avoid any online purchases of goods or to be connected for long periods of time with the computer left unattended.

How do I setup my Windows XP system to connect to the network?
The following link will give you the instructions for setting up the connection on your computer.

What do I do if I need help?
UST can only provide limited support for the wireless network users. Although the system is designed for the least amount of supervision or training, there are many variables that cannot be practically addressed. The type and model of laptop, differing operating systems, wireless cards, software and dozens of other variables prevent an active support model.

Users can request help via email at

Please include your name, telephone contact, problem description and location if applicable.

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