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Help Contact Information

  • Technical problems (logging in and error messages) — email and please provide the following information: name, student ID, date of birth and a description of the problem 
  • Incorrect information 
    • Registrar’s office – grades, scheduling and biographical data
    • Business office – payments and account balances

Resetting My Password

You can change your Celt Login Authentication System password here.

Finding Information Once Logged In

  • How do I find my grades?
    • Choose Student Self-Service and then click on the “View My Grades” link.
    • Choose the Semester and Career (Graduate/Undergraduate) you would like to view then click on the Change button.
    • Your grades will then be displayed. Please note that if you are looking for grades during the finals period that all your grades may not yet have been entered.
  • How do I find out what I am registered for and/or where my classes are being taught?
    • Choose Student Self-Service and your class schedule for the week will be displayed.
    • Please note that rooms are subject to change, so you should check this prior to attending your first day of class.​
  • How do I make a payment online?
    • Choose Student Self-Service and under the Finances Section click on the “Account Inquiry” link.
    • Click the Make Payment button.
    • Contact the Business office at 713-525-2130 if you have a problem processing your payment. The information displayed in your Payment Results Page is essential to help resolve any payment issues, so please have your copy of the Payment Results Page available.
  • How do I set up a payment plan?
    • Choose Student Self-Service and under the Finances Section click on the “Account Inquiry” link.
    • Click on the “Payment Plan Setup” tab, and at the bottom right just above the “Details by Charge,” you will see a Payment Plan button.
    • First choose a term to left of the Payment Plan button and then click on the PPL button.
    • Your name and the total due for the term are populated for you. This amount is the sum of your posted term charges, less any posted financial aid, payments or credits, and less any anticipated financial aid for the term. These amounts may not be manually adjusted.
    • Complete the steps set forth by FACTS.
    • The last page displayed is the Payment Results Page, which you should print and keep for your records.
    • To return to MyStThom, click "Home" on the top banner.
    • Email your questions to the Business Office at

*Note: The payment plan button will only be displayed for accounts with a current or future term balance greater than zero.