CBE Faculty Spotlight - Dr. Steven Jensen
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CBE Faculty Spotlight - Dr. Steven Jensen

Dr. Steve JensenDr. Steven J. Jensen, a prolific writer, researcher and teacher, is Associate Professor of Philosophy in the Center for Thomistic Studies.

Could you please share with us the role ethics plays in your teaching and research?

When we have a great good, we want to share it with others. When I have discovered the truth, in the wonders of God’s creation, I wish others to see the truth as well. In both teaching and research I pass on the beauty of the truth to others. The greatest joy of the teacher is when his students comes to understand.

What classes do you teach that include ethics?

  • Phil 2314 Ethics
    • This course is a study of the components of moral decision and moral life: freedom, obligation, conscience, objective goods and values. Application of moral principles to particular circumstances. We will examine the ethical theory of St. Thomas Aquinas and of Aristotle, seeing how it applies to some contemporary ethical concerns.
  • Phil 3318 Bioethics
    • This course provides an overview of ethical issues arising in health care, such as confidentiality, informed consent, honesty, the just distribution of health care resources, questions of death and dying, assisted suicide, abortion, and cloning.
  • Phil 5338 Introduction to Thomistic Ethics
    • This course highlights the human person as agent, as moving toward ends or goods, and finally toward the ultimate end which Aquinas calls beatitudo: happiness.
  • Phil 5312 Natural Law
    • This course examines the natural law ethics of St. Thomas Aquinas, modern adaptations and applications, and some contemporary concerns.

The following is a compilation of books and articles written by Dr. Jensen.


  • Knowing the Natural Law: Precepts, Inclinations, and Deriving Oughts, under review by The Catholic University of America Press
  • Living the Good Life: a Beginner’s Thomistic Ethics. Forthcoming in July, 2013, with The Catholic University of America press
  • The Ethics of Organ Transplantation (edited). Washington, DC: The Catholic University of America Press, 2011.
  • Good and Evil Actions: A Journey through Saint Thomas Aquinas. Washington, DC: The Catholic University of America Press, 2010.


  • “A Good Corpse: Why Dead Faith Is Not Evil,” under review by The Center for Thomistic Studies for publication in a book on Faith in Aquinas.
  • “Speciesism and the Basis for Equality under Justice,” under review by The Center for Thomistic Studies for publication in a book on justice in Aquinas.
    “Do Circumstances Give Species,” in Spanish, forthcoming in a Spanish Festschrift in honor of Lawrence Dewan.
  • “Why the Senses Cannot Have Truth: the Need for Abstraction,” accepted for publication in a collection of the American Maritain Association.
  • “Virtuous Deliberation and the Passions,” to appear in The Thomist
  • “Omissions and Their Causes,” to appear in Acta Philosophica
  • “Thomistic Perspectives?: Martin Rhonheimer’s Version of Virtue Ethics,” The American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 86 (2012): 135-59.
  • “Introduction on Organ Transplantation,” in The Ethics of Organ Transplantation, edited by Steven J. Jensen. Washington, DC: The Catholic University of America Press, 2011.
  • “Killing and Letting Die,” in The Ethics of Organ Transplantation, edited by Steven J. Jensen. Washington, DC: The Catholic University of America Press, 2011.
  • “Getting Inside the Acting Person,” International Philosophical Quarterly 50 (2010): 461-71
  • “The Error of the Passions,” The Thomist 73 (2009): 349-79.
  • “Exterior Actions as Signs of Intention,” in Semiotics 2008, edited by and John Deely and Leonard Sbrocchi, 721-25. Ottawa: Legas Publishing, 2009.
  • “The Role of Teleology in the Moral Species,” The Review of Metaphysics 63 (2009): 3-27.
  • “Boethius and Three Kinds of Good,” Carmina Philosophiae, Journal for the International Boethius Society, 16 (2008): 51-70.
  • “Of Gnome and Gnomes: The Virtue of Higher Discernment and the Production of Monsters,” American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 82 (2008): 411-28.
  • “When Evil Actions Become Good,” Nova et Vetera English Edition 5 (2007): 747-64.
  • “Do Circumstances Give Species?”The Thomist 70 (2006): 1-26.
  • “The Trouble with Secunda Secundae, 64, 7: Self-Defense,” The Modern Schoolman 83 (2006): 143-62.
  • “Is Continence Enough?” Christian Bioethics 10 (2004): 161-75.
  • “A Long Discussion Regarding Steven A. Long’s Interpretation of the Moral Species,” The Thomist 67 (2003): 623-43.
  • “Goods of Consequence and Goods of Virtue,” American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 71, Annual ACPA Proceedings (1997): 179-187.
  • “A Defense of Physicalism,” The Thomist 61 (1997): 377-404.


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