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Dr. C. Joe Ueng Professor; Chair, Finance & DIS Cullen Chair of Finance
MBA Program

Dr. Joe Ueng is the Cullen Endowed Chair of Finance. His areas of research include corporate and international finance. He can speak on financial management, international and corporate finance, investment analysis, personal financial planning and investment, and the stock market.

Areas of Expertise
Finance, Investments, Financial Planning, Stock Market


  • Master of Business Admin - Finance - GRAND VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY (1991)


  • "The Relationship between Accounting Revenues, Income, and Executive Pay"
    "This study examines the impact of revenues growth and income expansion on executive pay. Specifically this paper examines whether revenues or income growth has a greater impact on the executive pay. CEO compensation is utilized to be the proxy for executive pay in this study. Results indicate that executive pay is not dependent on either revenues or income growth. Rather, executive pay is highly dependent on the firm’s stock returns."
    (2013) Vol. 3 Page 12
  • "Earnings Growth and Revenue Expansion as Determinants of CEO Compensation"
    IABPAD Conference, Dallas, April 2012 (2012)
  • "You! Me! Let's try to make some mo-ney!"
    Review of Business
    (2011) Vol. 31 Page 88-89
  • "Is philanthropy being used by corporate wrongdoers to buy good will"
    Journal of Management and Governance
    "While an increasing number of philosophers and community activists argue in favor of corporate philanthropy, the practice is not without its critics. A number of firms that have restated suspect earnings also appear on lists of top corporate givers or are ranked among most ethical firms, prompting the suspicion that companies are using philanthropy as a kind of moral window-dressing. This paper explores whether restating firms are (1) using philanthropy to divert public attention away from suspect financial results; or (2) making donations to buy good will or a better reputation after they have been required to restate suspect earnings. Our results paint a mixed picture of the morality of corporate philanthropy. Firms forced to restate suspect earnings do seem to be using philanthropy either to divert attention away from their lackluster earnings or to elicit good will from the large community after such restatements. However, the reverse is not true. Just because a firm is a top giver, it does not follow that it is more likely to be a restater of earnings. Nor did we find evidence that firms ranked as very ethical are more likely to be restaters than non-restaters. Firms engage in philanthropy for a variety of reasons. We should not uncritically praise them for their giving, but neither should we regard with a cynical eye all corporate reputations for goodness or all corporation donations."
    (2010) Vol. 2010 Page 1-16
  • "Relationships Between Director Profile And Restatements Of Suspect Earnings"
    Journal of Business Economics Research
    The large number of recent earnings restatements suggests that boards have not been discharging their fiduciary duties very well. This paper examines which director traits, if any, are correlated with the need to restate suspect earnings. We find that the only significant aspect of director profile is director independence: boards with a larger percentage of outside directors are less likely to have restated suspect earnings that boards with a lesser percentage. The paper concludes with some thoughts on why current research practice of focusing on formal corporate governance (board composition, board traits, etc.) needs to supplement with research into power dynamics.
    (2009) Vol. 7


  • "Firm Characteristics of Companies That Adopt A Formal Corporate Governance Policy" (2013)
    Academic and Business Research Institute annual conference
  • "Corporate Financial Performance and Corporate Governance Policy" (2013)
    Academy of Economics and Finance Annual Conference
  • "The Relationship between Accounting Revenues and Income and Executive Pay" (2012)
    the International Academy of Business and Public Administrative Disciplines Conference
  • "Initial Public Offering Underpricing and Equity Ownership: A Study of Taiwanese Firms" (2011)
    the International Conference on Global Business and economic Development Conference
  • "Revenuers Growth, Income Expansion, and Executive Compensation Package" (2011)
    Academic and Business Research Institute Conference
  • "The Relationship Between IPO Underpricing and Equity Ownership Of Major Shareholders: An Empirical Study Of Taiwanese Firms”" (2010)
    International Academy of Business and Public Administrative Disciplines
  • "Revenuers Growth, Income Expansion, and Executive Pay" (2010)
    Advances in Business Research Symposium
  • "You! ME! Let's try to make some mo-ney!" (2010)
    Financial Services Symposium
  • "Corporate Governance Characteristics of Growth Companies: an Empirical Study" (2009)
    Academy of Strategic Management Annual Conference
  • "Dividend Payout Ratio, Investment Opportunities, and the Pecking Order Theory: Evidence from Taiwan" (2009)
    Academy of Economics and Finance
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