Suicidal Threats and Mental Health
Counseling Services: 713-525-2169 or 713-525-3162
University Police Department: 713-525-3888

BE AWARE of students who may be depressed or have suicidal thinking. Counseling referrals to Houston community resources for victims and other mental health services are available. 

If there is a crisis involving a student after normal business hours or on weekends and you require UST Counseling Services, call Campus Security at 713-525-3888. An officer will notify the counselor on-call to contact the individual. During some UST holidays, an on-call counselor may not be available.

For an immediate psychological emergency, call 9-1-1 or go to a local hospital emergency room. The Crisis and Suicide Hotline is available 24/7 at 713-228-1505 for those who need to talk to someone.

Suicidal Behavior Guidelines
For purposes of these guidelines, “suicidal behavior” shall include an actual attempt to commit suicide or any other act or behavior that could result in death or serious bodily harm to the individual. This includes any verbal or written statement expressing intent to commit suicide or to self-inflict serious bodily harm. The University of St. Thomas recognizes that suicidal behavior is not only self-destructive to the individual, but may also adversely affect and disrupt the lives of others within the University community.
  • All suicidal behavior will be taken seriously. If it is believed that the individual is in imminent danger of harming him/herself, take immediate action to secure help and maintain safety. However, an individual may be in crisis and express suicidal thoughts, but danger to self is not imminent. In this case, contact Counseling Services at 713-525-2169.
  • If the initial notification of suicidal behavior is made to a UST Police Officer, the Officer shall immediately attempt to contact the Executive Director or other professional clinician at counseling services. The Officer shall then notify the Vice President for Student Affairs and/or the Dean of Students. If physical self-harm is imminent, the Security Officer shall immediately call 9-1-1.
  • If the Vice President for Student Affairs and/or the Dean of Students is notified about a student’s suicidal behavior, and the student causes behavioral disturbances, refuses professional help or behaves in such a way that his or her safety is in question, the notified administrator will decide the course of action that serves the best interest of the individual involved and the University community.
Suicide Attempt:
Suicidal threat with weapon:
  • UST Police Department or 9-1-1 (Police)
Suicidal threat without weapon:
  • UST Police Department
  • Counseling Services
If the individual is believed to be in imminent danger of harming him/herself:
  • Do not leave the person alone unless your safety may be in danger.
  • If the individual in crisis has a weapon, do not confront him/her.
  • In case of a weapon, UST Police Department or call 9-1-1.