People Requiring Special Assistance
It is the responsibility of the individual student, faculty or staff member to notify the appropriate University office of their unique needs requiring special assistance during an emergency.

Students who may have medical disabilities, mental health, communication and/or mobility concerns are strongly encouraged to register with the Office of Counseling and Disability Services, while faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to contact Human Resources and/or their supervisor. For assistance, faculty, students and staff with emergency needs that arise due to language barriers or cultural differences are strongly encouraged to contact the Office of International Student and Scholar Services.

Prior to the emergency, the University encourages individuals who require special assistance during an emergency to discuss their needs with the department chair, immediate supervisor and/or coworkers in their building.

The person with the disability may be the best authority on how to be evacuated. The person requiring assistance should include family, friends, roommates and co-workers in their plan and help them understand their needs during an emergency.

Individuals requiring assistance to evacuate a building should first seek aid from others within their facility. If help is unavailable or additional help is needed, individuals should call 9-1-1. Professional emergency responders are equipped with specialized equipment to aid in the evacuation of persons with physical disabilities.

First Aid:
Do you want to get trained in CPR and first aid? Visit the American Red Cross website to sign up for a class.