Emergency Preparedness
The University of St. Thomas is committed to the safety and security of all community members and visitors, so UST has developed the campaign “Get Ready, Already!”  This campaign is designed to create awareness among students, staff and faculty members about emergency management issues and procedures.

University of St. Thomas App

The first step in “Get Ready, Already!” is to download the University of St. Thomas app located in your iPhone App store or Google Play store.

The app has important information about the University, but most importantly it has guidelines to follow during an emergency situation.  Please take time to download this app and learn more about what UST expects out of you during an emergency situation.

The second step in “Get Ready, Already!” is to make sure UST has accurate emergency contact information.  Providing current information is the best way to ensure that you receive emergency alerts.  Please take a few minutes and click on the UST Alerts link to find out how to update your contact information via the University’s portal, myStThom.

Remember anytime you change your phone number or email address you need to update your information on mySTThom.

The final step in “Get Ready, Already!” is to click each tab to learn how to “Be Aware,” “Be Prepared” and “Take Action.”

Are you prepared in the event of an Emergency?

  • Personal Safety Tips
    Learn tips for being safe on campus, including officer escorts, blue lights and personal and vehicle safety.
  • Faculty & Staff Resources
    Identify disruptive behavior in the classroom and learn how to respond to violent acts or threats. Also, see tips for dealing with students in distress or crisis.
  • Student Resources
    Find out about Residence Life policies and download the Celts Helping Celts Suicide Prevention Guide - What every UST Celt should know about depression and suicidal thinking.
  • Run, Hide or Fight?
    If you suspect an intruder in your building, do you run, hide or fight?