Welcome to the University of St. Thomas Procurement Services.  UST is always seeking reliable vendors to provide the University’s procurement needs, and we encourage your participation in our purchasing process.

Below, you will find helpful information concerning the department and procurement opportunities for vendors and prospective vendors.

For terms and conditions of purchases and bids, please see Forms

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  1. Any vendor wishing to challenge a purchase award made by Procurement Services must make a written request to the Purchasing Manager to review the transaction. The request for review must be made within three working days of the notification of award.
  2. The Purchasing Manager will review the award and provide a written explanation of the decision to the vendor making the request. In the event that the Purchasing Manager review discovers any significant deviation from the rules, the award may be changed at the discretion of the Purchasing Manager.
  3. If the vendor does not agree with the decision of the Purchasing Manager, the vendor may appeal to the Chief Financial Officer, whose decision will be final.

UST uses several different methods to procure goods and/or services. These methods are:

  1. Purchase Order—designated by a "P" followed by a seven-digit number. A copy may be provided to the vendor.
  2. Procurement Card—a purchasing credit card issued by the University to the departments.

Any other method is not recognized by the University; therefore, the University is not responsible for payment.

All invoice should reference one of the aforementioned methods and emailed to: ap@stthom.edu

If a physical copy must be mailed, please send them to:

University of St. Thomas
Attn.: Accounts Payable
3800 Montrose Blvd.
Houston, TX 77006

For more information, click here for Accounts Payable.

To submit a contract for review, complete the application form.

If a vendor forgets to sign the bid form or fails to meet the bid deadline, the bid is considered invalid or non-responsive.

To receive results of a bid, vendors must contact the buyer responsible for posting the bid and submit a request either by mail or email. A copy of the tabulation sheet with a pricing summary for the requested bid will sent.

All file requests must be submitted in writing.

For payment information, please contact Accounts Payable at ap@stthom.edu or 713-525-3144.

One of several things might have happened:

  1. Accounts Payable did not receive your invoice.
  2. Your tax status with the State of Texas is not in good standing.
  3. There is a dispute with the invoice.