Core Courses
MGMT 3340: Leadership Theory and Practice
This course introduces students to the theories and practices of leadership and leader development applicable in the private, public and nonprofit sectors. Students will study leadership at the personal, interpersonal, group and organizational levels.  A major course theme is the importance of ethical leadership in personal, team and organizational development. This is the core course for the Leadership Studies minor program.  
Prerequisite: 30 Credit Hours.
THEO 3358: Christian Leadership: Authority and Virtue in the Catholic Tradition
Students read and discuss seminal texts in the tradition of Catholic reflection on authority and virtue. Texts will include, but are not limited to, The Book of the Pastoral Rule of Gregory the Great and St. Bernard of Clairvaux’s On Consideration. Students will situate the insights of these texts in critical and constructive dialogue with contemporary theories of ethical leadership.

Course topics include the purpose and function of authority, the nature of a common good, self-knowledge, the relation between telos and skopos, and the nature of the active and Contemplative lives. The course may be team-taught.

UNIV 4338 Leadership in Action – Practicum
The Practicum is the core, capstone experience for students pursuing a Leadership Studies Minor. Students will apply the knowledge and skills gained in other courses in the minor by engaging in experiential learning. Practicums can be internships or designed as part of other experiential learning activities (such as volunteer service projects, study abroad programs, and research projects) and are focused on individual leader development in organizational and professional settings. The Practicum will be linked directly to students’ professional goals as reflected in their major fields of study and individual development plans.

To receive credit for the Practicum and earn the leadership minor degree, students will be required to prepare a leadership portfolio to reflect on their leadership knowledge, skills, professional attributes and values, as developed through their coursework and their experiential learning.
Prerequisite: All core courses in the Leadership Studies Minor.

News at the Center
$10K Scholarships Offered for New Leadership Minor
Student in classroom at the University of St. Thomas in Houston, TXThe Center for Ethical Leadership will begin awarding ten $10,000 scholarships to students pursuing the new minor in leadership studies in fall 2016.

New Director to Prepare Ethical Leaders of Tomorrow
Dr. Joseph CeramiCorporate social responsibility, right to life issues and cyber ethics are all “hot topics” today, and the University of St. Thomas is giving students the opportunity to think critically and analyze these topics in the recently established Center for Ethical Leadership. To aid in achieving this goal, Dr. Robert Ivany, president of the university, and Dr. Dominic Aquila, provost, have brought Dr. Joseph Cerami to lead the Center and guide students while examining the importance of ethics in these fields and beyond.