Sexuality&Gender_5 500x330Introducing the new University of St. Thomas Graduate Certificate in Sexuality and Gender.

As the culture continues to diminish the dignity of the human person, the Church stands firm in Her understanding of sexuality and gender as gifts given to us by Our Creator, who made us in His image.

For some time now, conversations about gender and sexuality have dominated our headlines. Christian leaders in education, ministry, healthcare, law, psychology, and other professions often feel ill-equipped to enter into these conversations because they lack the necessary knowledge to speak with equal measures of authority and compassion. The University of St. Thomas is uniquely positioned to form leaders who understand the wisdom of the Catholic Church's teachings concerning these issues. The Graduate Certificate in Sexuality and Gender brings the intersection of philosophy, history, and science to students and equips them to speak the truth with compassion and prudence. 

This part-time program is designed to be flexible for working professionals and is available anywhere. Our four-course sequence begins with online classes in Catholic anthropology, the history of gender, and the science and social science of gender and sexuality. The final course, applying what has been learned, will help students integrate the knowledge they have gained and apply it to their particular areas of expertise. Students may begin the program at any time and finish at their own pace.

Enroll today and discover how the beauty and timeless truths of the Catholic Church can inform our cultural discourse about sexuality and gender.

UST: A Tapestry of Faith, Culture, and Human Dignity

Nesti-CFC-3At UST’s Nesti Center for Faith and Culture, we fervently believe in the sacred value of every individual human person. Through the Graduate Certificate in Sexuality and Gender program, we invite you to become part of a community centered on spiritual depth, cultural understanding, and the pursuit of Truth.

Together, let us weave the threads of faith, culture, and human dignity into a rich tapestry—the tapestry that encapsulates the profound truth that true fulfillment lies in loving relationships with others.

Requirements Disclaimer:
*Please note: This is an online program and international students cannot maintain or obtain F-1 student visa status or I-20 form through this program.