Irish Culture

Intro - CIRExpand your economic, political and social view of the world at the William J. Flynn Center for Irish Studies. You will study Ireland, Northern Ireland and Irish America and how their history and politics affect their people and relationships with other countries. You will be challenged to open your mind and heart to the Irish culture through:

  • Literature
  • History
  • Culture
  • Language
  • Arts
Caprice Erickson  B.A. History, Irish Studies and Russian Studies, 2016

UST’s Irish Studies program has provided me with the understanding necessary to pursue my profound interest in Ireland and its history, culture, language and people.

Caprice Erickson B.A. History, Irish Studies and Russian Studies, 2016

There is strong emphasis on dialogue and public speaking. Classes are discussion-based and interactive, using a question and answer format. You'll make presentations, sharpen your interviewing skills, craft research papers and receive one-on-one feedback from your professor.

Irish Studies students often pursue a graduate degree in history, literature or political science in the U.S. or abroad. Some also attend law school.

The minor involves 15 credit hours (5 courses) covering such topics as English, History, Politics and Language. Consistent with the core curriculum, the courses you’ll take are intended to broaden your perspective and sharpen your critical thinking, writing and communications skills.

The following 3 courses are required:

  • IRST/ENGL upper division Irish literature course
  • IRST/HIST upper division Irish history course
  • An additional upper division Irish Studies course

2 other Irish Studies courses must be selected to complete the 15-hour minor requirement.

Minor Plan

This is a graduate concentration through the University’s Master in Liberal Arts program. It involves 18 credit hours (6 courses) covering such topics as English, History, Politics and Language.

The following 3 courses are required:

  • History of Ireland since 1600
  • Modern Irish Literature
  • Directed reading supervised by a professor

3 other courses may be chosen from other Irish Studies program courses.

MLA Requirements courses

Study AbroadOutside the classroom, you can experience the diverse cultures, backgrounds and religions of people in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Study Abroad is a first-hand opportunity to discover the meaning and purpose of peace and reconciliation. In the past, students have met with leaders of the Irish and Northern Irish Governments as well as religious and community leaders.

Trips are offered throughout the year, including a summer study abroad program with 7 days in Houston and 3-4 weeks in Dublin, Belfast and Galway.

You also can study for a semester abroad. Earn credit toward your UST degree while attending classes at Mary Immaculate College in Limerick, Ireland where we have an exchange agreement.

Christian Siboldi, MLA, Irish History, 2011

By providing me the opportunity to travel and study in Ireland and Northern Ireland, the Irish Studies program brought to life what we were reading about day in and day out in the classroom.

Christian Siboldi Attorney, Greenberg Traurig, LLP | MLA, Irish History, 2011

In addition to the academic program, each year the Center sponsors a Cultural Outreach Program, which includes 6 or more lectures, concerts and other events open to the University community and the public.