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Pope John Paul II Forum
Pope John Paul II ForumThe Pope John Paul II forum seeks to promote the understanding of the thought of Pope John Paul II and to develop his legacy as it forms and equips the Church for the new evangelization.

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American Catholic Philosophical Association
American Catholic Philosophical AssociationSteeped in classical sources and cultivating the Catholic Philosophical heritage, the ACPA is known for creative engagement with major philosophers of every era and bold responses to the themes and issues of contemporary philosophy.

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Corpus Thomisticum
Corpus ThomisticumThe Corpus Thomisticum project aims to provide scholars with a set of free online instruments of research on Thomas Aquinas, including the Opera Omnia in Latin, a searchable Index Thomisticus, and other resources.

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News at the Center
UST’s Catherine Peters Named Young Scholar of the Year by American Catholic Philosophical Association
Center for Thomistic Studies PhD. Candidate Catherine Peters recently won the “Young Scholar Award” from the American Catholic Philosophical Association. The award is given to the best paper submitted to the ACPA’s annual conference by a scholar 35 years old or younger regardless of academic position.

UST Houston Doctoral Candidate Captures Universality of the Nicomachean Ethics
Daniel Wagner successfully defended his dissertation, “φύσις καί τὸ ἀνθρώπινον ἀγαθὸν (‘Nature and the Human Good’): The Aristotelian Foundations of the Human Good,” on April 27. In the dissertation, Wagner presents Aristotle’s concept of the human good in the Nicomachean Ethics as the philosopher intended for it to be understood.