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Students in Earthman GardenThe Centers for Excellence at University of St. Thomas offer on-campus educational opportunities bolstered by programs involving local and international thinkers, professors and business people. Each Center has a specific focus and promotes education by sponsoring debates, lectures, symposia, conferences, awards and publications. By inviting community and field leaders to participate, students and faculty benefit from the expertise and resources of accomplished individuals currently advancing society. Some of the Centers offer degrees.

The Center for Ethical Leadership furthers the University’s mission to educate leaders of faith and character. As the fulcrum of St. Thomas’s commitment to graduate students who “lead ethically,” the Center brings together faculty, visiting fellows, prominent leaders-in-residence, and students to research and engage in practices that strengthen and advance ethical leadership in a variety of professions.

The Center for Faith & Culture seeks to understand and affect the relationship between the Gospel and the American way of life in relation to God’s ongoing encounter with humanity in the light of faith. The Center incorporates both theory and practice in its programmatic offerings, giving special emphasis to the formation of community leadership that will be capable of integrating faith and culture through ongoing reflection and action.

The McNair Center for Free Enterprise & Entrepreneurship focuses on the role of principled entrepreneurship in promoting economic growth, particularly as it relates to small businesses. Its primary goal is to educate as many people as possible on how free enterprise and entrepreneurship facilitate peace and prosperity in America.

The Center for International Studies fosters education in world affairs while providing professional development opportunities for students, alumni, faculty and the community. The Center is the University’s agent for consortia and international relations. It promotes international understanding of cultural differences and the benefits that come from cooperation within the human family.

The William J. Flynn Center for Irish Studies serves as a premier Center for Irish, Northern Irish and Irish American Studies through its interdisciplinary academic, cultural outreach and study abroad programs. The Flynn Center's mission is to preserve Irish heritage and culture and promote peace and reconciliation using the Northern Ireland model. Providing scholarships and other educational opportunities to our undergraduate and graduate students is a cornerstone of the Irish Studies Program.

The Center for Thomistic Studies is the only graduate philosophy program in the United States focused on the thought of St. Thomas Aquinas. The Center is founded on the Church’s insistence of the perennial value of the thought of Aquinas as the new millennium proceeds. We take a constructive cross-cultural dialog that Aquinas presents in his writings as a model for the pursuit of truth across the ages. In our Center, a living Thomism is studied, both steeped in historical knowledge of tradition and engaged with contemporary culture in shaping the future.