Academic Programs
We offer Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship programs for both undergraduate and graduate students. See a list of required courses and descriptions.

Undergraduate Courses
The Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship minor is tailored based on your major. The courses listed below are for the non-business version (download this list as a printable pdf).

ACCT 1301 – Foundations of Financial and Managerial Accounting

Often described best as, “How to watch the money in any organization,” this course is an introduction to basic accounting for non-accountants, which helps gain familiarity with accounting terminology.  It covers accounting for external reporting (financial) & managerial accounting for internal decision making.

ECON 3371 – Free Enterprise & Conscious Capitalism

This course examines the relationship between Free Enterprise, the Founding Fathers, our US heritage and the newer, “rebranded version,” known as Conscious Capitalism.  The focus is on entrepreneurship and enterprises that produce positive impacts on society through successful organizations.

MGMT 4330 – Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

The course content is augmented with business case studies and interactions with successful entrepreneurs.

MGMT 4289 & UNIV 4189 – Individual & Organizational Success

These two classes are co-requisites and junior standing or above is also a prerequisite for both. The course looks at private vs. group practices, small vs. large businesses, and non-profits vs. for-profit organizations. It explores the similarities and differences along with the commonalities of all successful undertakings. Two hour part is all students together with the one hour part being major-specific guided study; then all is shared in the combined class again.

MGMT 4365 – Strategy for Sustainable Business

This course promotes and enhances environmental protection and strives to increase social equity with economic growth.  Sustainability is studied as a foundation for creativity, innovation and staying competitive.

MGMT 4369 – Practicum in Entrepreneurship & Small Business Competition

This is the capstone of the minor, where teams experience idea generation, develop plans to assess market potential, identify appropriate missions and goals, develop a business plan (including funding sources), and resource requirements (capital and human).

Download a course list for the business student version.

Graduate Courses
The Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship concentration is offered as part of our MBA program. You only need to complete 3 courses to earn this concentration.

Required Courses
  • MBA 5362 Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management
Elective Courses
Choose 1 elective (in addition to the required courses) to finish your concentration.
  • MBA 5337 Human Resources Management
  • MBA 5358 Systems Project Management
  • MBA 5367 Managing & Working in Virtual Teams