About the Center
The McNair Center's purpose is to focus on the role of principled entrepreneurship in promoting economic growth, particularly as it relates to small businesses. Its primary goal is to educate as many people as possible on how free enterprise and entrepreneurship facilitate peace and prosperity in America. Along with focusing on small businesses, we also cover family and corporate businesses.

The McNair Center’s mission is to educate individuals on:

  1. The benefits of our American free enterprise economy
  2. The importance of individual initiative
  3. The value of ethical leadership
  4. The rewards of entrepreneurship

Appreciation of these four concepts will enhance leadership abilities, increase contributions to the community and increase general prosperity.

To be an entrepreneur, you don’t have to own your own business or have millions of dollars in startup or venture capital.  We want students to know there is a teachable mindset about entrepreneurship that will be valuable whether you work for a company or are fortunate to be an entrepreneur of any kind.

The entrepreneurial mindset is about:

  • being creative with problem solving
  • learning to execute solutions that deliver value
  • thinking like a business owner and not an employee
  • turning your passion into value

The McNair Center is located in UST’s Cameron School of Business.