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Internet access, student laptops, Smart monitors with Zoom connections and located in the heart of downtown Conroe.

Intro - UST MAXTexas is growing fast, outpacing much of the rest of the country, and within Texas, Conroe is outpacing everyone. When city officials reached out to UST about bringing USTMAX Center to Montgomery County, it was a prospect well worth exploring.

After much research, UST is making that dream a reality, and starting off in a new and innovative way. USTMAX Center is centrally located on the town square and will offer the opportunity for UST and Conroe to grow together through online programs and community engagement.

The USTMAX Center is located at the downtown square in Conroe, Texas at 336 N. Main Street.

What is the USTMAX Center?

What Is UST MAX?The USTMAX Center serves several purposes, all with the same objective – to leverage a small footprint to expand the reach of UST’s mission and educational programs while helping Montgomery County grow. The best way to understand how UST can successfully accomplish that is by getting to know the community. The 1,500 square-foot Micro-Campus serves as a location to engage with Conroe through a variety of info-sessions and community events. These will center around existing online programs, veteran engagement events, athletics exhibitions, music events, a classroom space on site and much more. Through these events, residents get a chance to learn about and enroll in our existing online programs, and we learn what additional programs might have the greatest impact on their lives and careers. The space also serves as an outpost for alumni who live in the area and for UST fundraising events.

Why USTMax?

500X330_MAXCenter_WhyUSTMAX​As part of UST’s innovation initiatives, we draw inspiration from St. Maximilian Kolbe, who is often referred to as the patron saint of innovation. He used radio in the early 20th century to build the largest Catholic media apostolate in the world.

At the USTMAX Center, we embrace innovation by providing academic programs designed to support the residents of Montgomery County and to prepare students for bright futures.

Find The Program That’s Right For You
The following programs are offered at the USTMAX Center in Conroe.

UST offers over 40 undergraduate degrees, and you can now complete the first two years of core curriculum completely online.

UST's core curriculum empowers you with knowledge, integrity and skills to serve society with conviction and become a leader in your field. You will explore the balance between what faith believes and what reason discovers.

Students are choosing to begin their college experiences online.  UST is making it possible for students to not only study online, but to become a part of Houston’s Catholic University, which for more than 70 years has been committed to the religious, ethical, and intellectual traditions of Catholic higher education. We offer online classes that lead to undergraduate degrees.

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An associate degree offers a wonderful opportunity to set yourself up for success in a growing career field. While it can take 4 years or longer to earn a bachelor’s degree, you can earn your associate degree within 2 years. You’ll complete the program empowered with skills for rewarding jobs in cybersecurity, electronic technology and networking technology. Highlights of UST’s associate programs include:

  • 100% online programs give you the flexibility to study anytime, anywhere
  • Programs are geared toward technology careers with increasing demand for workers
  • Houston is a growing tech hub, a top 10 U.S. city for computer, engineering and information architecture jobs
  • Great preparation for transition into a 4-year bachelor’s degree program
  • Elite associate degree from a well-regarded private university
  • On-campus amenities for local students

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Certificate in Chemical Dependency Counseling

The 21-hour certificate program in Chemical Dependency Counseling prepares graduates to serve the community as Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor Interns (LCDC-Interns). The certificate program will facilitate the growth and development of an increased number of LCDC-Interns and LCDC professionals in Texas.

These professionals will help to meet the needs of Texas communities and citizens struggling with addiction and addiction-related mental health issues. Many communities across Texas, and nationwide, continue to grapple with substance-use and related issues that significantly impact members of the community.

Graduates of the certificate program will meet the educational and practical requirements of the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, Regulatory Services Division for eligibility for LCDC-Intern licensure.

Certificate in Faith and Culture

The Certificate in Faith and Culture program is rooted in the same course offerings as the Master of Arts in Faith and Culture degree program. If you don’t want to pursue an advanced degree in Faith and Culture, a certificate program may be the better option. It can be completed with half the credit hours and allows you to enrich your academic or professional career while earning a recognized credential.

Certificate in John Paul II Studies

This 18-hour program includes the online study and overview of the life and thought of Saint John Paul II through his writings.

Family Life Certificate

Family Life touches all areas of ministry in the Church. An identified outcome of the 2015 Synod on the Family was the urgent need for integrated, systematic, pastoral formation in Family Life Lay Ecclesial Ministry. In response to this need, The Nesti Center for Faith & Culture at the University of St. Thomas, in collaboration with the Office of Family Life Ministry, will be offering a new, archdiocesan approved program of formation in Family Life Ministry beginning with the fall 2021 semester.

Specifically designed through the lens of A Family Perspective in Church and Society (USCCB, 2000), this multi-dimensional program includes solid theological and updated pastoral formation for those seeking to deepen their understanding of God’s intended purpose for marriage and family life, while preparing them to guide and serve families in professional lay ecclesial ministry.

The Certificate in Family Life Ministry is offered in two tracks: 1) as an area of concentration within the Master of Arts in Faith and Culture, or 2) as a post- baccalaureate certificate of professional ministerial formation (non-Master’s track). The seven-module program integrates strong dialogue skills with theological formation, reflection opportunities, pastoral considerations and challenges. In-depth analysis of family systems, families across the lifecycle and family/community partnership resources provide practical insight in accompaniment through ministry. As an additional advantage, courses will be offered in person and online.

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