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BIB 3334 - International Financial Management
Bachelor in International Busi
A study of the financial management of the multinational corporation. Topics include exchange rate forecasts and uncertainty, hedging against foreign exchange risk, cash flow management in multiple currencies, borrowing in foreign currencies, investing in foreign countries and real assets.

BIB 3343 - Principles of Marketing
Bachelor in International Busi
The course analyzes marketing strategy and product decisions, pricing policy, sales promotion and distribution in the business environment.

BIB 3363 - Regional Study of North Africa and the Middle East
Bachelor in International Busi
An interdisciplinary survey of the Middle East, focusing on the geographic, historical, cultural, economic and political factors most affecting the role of this region in the international community today.

BIB 4364 - International Law
Bachelor in International Busi
Beginning with the customs and sources of international jurisprudence, this course introduces essential legal terminology and distinctions focusing on the lawful exercise of power of nations. Relevant topics include international organizations and methods of dispute resolution, especially armed conflict, human rights, global environmental law, and the law of the sea, air and space.

BIB 4377 - Business - Government Relation
Bachelor in International Busi
The course explores the country risks businesses and non-profits face in the developing world, including government instability, the lack of government capacity, insecurity, dysfunctional legal systems, corruption, human rights violations, poverty, poor infrastructure, and a low level of social service, including poor education and health care. We will look at how entities evaluate these risks before entering a country and how they manage these risks once on the ground. We will also discuss the ethical issues encountered in doing business in developing countries. The course will provide a foundation for anyone interested in doing business or otherwise working in developing countries. While the course is organized around specific risks, it will also review the broader issues common to developing countries.

BIB 4399 - International Business Perspectives and Strategic Choices
Bachelor in International Busi
The seminar course is the capstone course for the international business program. The seminar is designed to integrate prior coursework in the program and will help students to synthesize, apply, and demonstrate skill and knowledge sets intended to increase their competitiveness for employment and/or graduate studies. The course will train students in the use of a variety of strategic management models and country risk tools that will enable students to develop effective strategies for businesses in regional, foreign, and global markets. Sr-level standing required. Prerequisites: MGMT 2347, MGMT 2357, FINA 3334, FINA 3339, MKTG 3343, DEIS 4333, INST 3351, INST 3355, INST (3357, 3359, 3360 or 3363) and INST 4377.

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