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Sponsored Research

UST Faculty

The Office of Grants and Sponsored Research (OSR) was created in August 2008 to serve the needs of faculty, staff and administrators at the University of St. Thomas by providing greater institutional support for building the grant-seeking capacity of faculty and staff members.

The OSR provides pre- and post-award functions for the University. Responsibilities of the OSR include but are not limited to:

  • Writing, reviewing and approving proposals to assure they comply with the funder and UST guidelines
  • Reviewing and revising proposed program budgets for accuracy and consistency
  • Coordinating grant submissions
  • Disseminating funding information to UST faculty and administration
  • Working with VPAA and VPIA to develop and implement research plans, policies and procedures
  • Collecting all of the supporting information, budgets, budget justifications and letters of support for projects
  • Submitting grants to funding sources
  • Conducting technical training for all interested UST faculty and administrators on grant development and proposal submission 
Current Major Grants
  • U.S. Department of Education HSI STEM Articulation Grant 2011 – 2016, $5,998,102
  • U.S. Department of Education OSEP PSEL Program 2013 – 2018, $1,250,000 
Faculty and Staff Portal

Faculty and Staff must apply for grants through the Office of Sponsored Research, including sub-awards and collaborative projects.

Access the portal at myStThom for the following items:

  • Intent to Apply for Funding Releases to be completed by PI, Dean and VPAA
  • Institutional information such as DUNS
  •, NSF Fastlane and NIH Background Documentation
  • Funding resources
  • Funded grant library
  • Training for grant seekers
Contact Information

We ask external parties and future partners and collaborators to contact the Office of Grants and Sponsored Research prior to creation of the proposal.

The OSR requires a copy of the proposal with budget, budget justification and abstract prior to institutional approval of any partnerships and collaborative grants.

Janice Adamson Splawn, MSM
Director, Office of Grants and Sponsored Research
3800 Montrose Boulevard
Houston, TX 77006
713.831.7889 Phone