A Different Sort of Learning

University of St. Thomas - Houston Honors Program students“It is better to illuminate than merely to shine.” –Saint Thomas Aquinas

In the Honors Program, you’ll focus on achieving excellence and aspiring to what the ancients called magnanimitas or “greatness of the soul.”

Apply to the Honors Program

In a small group with a strong sense of community, you’ll make friends along your intellectual journey. Through team-taught, discussion-based courses led by two professors integrating history, philosophy, literature, physics and more, you’ll learn to engage in civil discourse with your peers.

Your Home Away from Class

Students in University of St. Thomas - Houston Honors Program HouseThe Honors Program house is open only to Honors students, a place where you can connect with other Honors students and continue the discussions started in class. The Honors house is also the location for outside speakers and events.

  • Free coffee & drinks
  • Free printing
  • Library
  • Reading room
  • Study space
  • Seminar table