In Self-Help Age, Honors Class Asks if Happiness is Real

The Honors Program at the University of St. Thomas provides a framework within which outstanding men and women can pursue excellence, leadership, and what the ancients called magnanimitas or “greatness of the soul.” The program’s unique design centers around a community of students and professors committed to the intellectual life. Placed in small classes that emphasize dialogue and conversation, Honors students enjoy the special interdisciplinary benefit of team-lead seminars that focus on original, classical texts. 

The Honors Program is designed to fit seamlessly into a student’s major field of study. One Honors course is taken per semester, almost all of which substitute for classes in the core curriculum.

More than the accumulation of information, learning in the Honors Program is the development of intellectual habits or virtues through intensive study and practice. Aiming at the development of the whole person, the UST Honors Program prepares students to assume the responsibilities of leadership for a lifetime of service to the common good in their professions, local communities, the nation, and the world.

Motto of the Honors Program
Maius Est Illuminare Quam Lucere Solum: It Is Better To Illuminate Than To Shine

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