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At UST, we’re educating the next generation of leaders. Our career-focused programs, guided by a mission of service, make it possible.

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With more than 40 undergraduate majors and 30 graduate degrees focused on relevant career skills, you’re bound to find a program that will help you build your future in a field you love.

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UST Academic Catalog
UST Academic Catalog

The University of St. Thomas Academic Catalog provides an overview of general information, admissions processes, academic programs, degree plans, and course descriptions.

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Find Your Path Online

UST brings its liberal arts education online to empower students with the knowledge, integrity and skills needed to succeed, wherever they may be. Choose from several degree and certificate programs, all 100% online and flexible, to jump-start or advance your career.

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Find Your Path Online

Whether you attend the Cameron School of Business as an undergraduate or graduate student, you will experience a highly interactive and discussion-based approach to business education.

Our professors often focus on the moral and ethical questions faced in today’s marketplace. Programs at the Cameron School of Business focus on:

  • developing leadership potential
  • taking higher-level views of business processes
  • viewing success as more than just making a profit

Become a leader in business by learning how to do good business.

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Attending the Carol and Odis Peavy School of Nursing at the University of St. Thomas in Houston means you will focus on holistic nursing. This is a form of nursing that engages with a patient’s body, mind and spirit to care for the whole person.

To build an effective relationship with patients and facilitate their healing, nurses need to speak articulately, write clearly, reason well and make good decisions. Those “process skills” are strengthened through the University's core curriculum and in the small classes you’ll find in the nursing program.

You’ll study in our Center for Science and Health Professions which offers ample study spaces, large labs and state-of-the-art equipment for hands-on learning.

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Each center promotes education by inviting contributions from local and international thinkers. They also sponsor debates, lectures, conferences and more.

Centers at UST:

  • Center for International Studies
  • Center for Thomistic Studies
  • Donald S. Nesti, CSSp Center for Faith & Culture
  • McNair Center for Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
  • William J. Flynn Center for Irish Studies

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As an incoming student to the Kolbe School of Innovation and Professional Studies, you will become a part of the tradition of excellence at UST in a two-year associate’s program while we prepare advancement in your knowledge of innovation, production, operation efficiency, while learning how to think critically and problem solve.

If you decide to persist on to any of our four-year undergraduate programs, you will have the opportunity and successful preparation to do that as well.

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The animating vision of the School of Arts and Sciences originates from UST’s undergraduate Core Curriculum.  This Core integrates the classical liberal arts within an order of study that aims ultimately at human flourishing in this life and the next.  The University--through its Core--seeks to guide students to an integrated vision of reality that is illuminated by Faith and Reason.

The journey that each student undertakes in UST's Core creates an opportunity for students to consider fundamental questions about the meaning and purpose of life, questions that everyone--no matter his or her background--asks at one time or another.  These questions are part of what makes us human and how we answer these questions will give shape and purpose to our lives.

Building on the wisdom of the Core, the majors of the School complement and focus students' knowledge and skills through particular perspectives and disciplines.  If the Core offers a vista at once broad and deep, the majors of the School give specific shape to each student's vision and prepare him or her for further study or professional service in the world.

There is certainly a practical purpose for integrating these: students who have undertaken this journey through the Core and their major disciplines will be better doctors, engineers, artists, or teachers.  They will be the confident candidates for medical or law school that are most attractive to admissions committees and will find that they are hired and promoted just as often for the wisdom they gained through the Core as for the professional expertise they gained through their majors.  A course of study that integrates the wisdom of the Core with professional study can become a path to a meaningful life, professional success, and the opportunity to leave the world a better place.

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Whether you attend the School of Education and Human Services as a graduate or undergraduate student, you will learn from faculty who are actively practicing as educational leaders, counselors or diagnosticians. All faculty members:

  • Have been practitioners in their respective fields
  • Remain very connected to their school districts
  • Understand current practices and trends
  • Personally write job recommendations

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Are you interested in studying Theology at the University of St. Thomas?

The University offers a wide variety of exciting opportunities at both the undergraduate and the graduate levels.

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Faculty Excellence

Excellence in teaching is at the heart of our mission at the University of St. Thomas.

Each year, the University of St. Thomas honors outstanding faculty who exemplify extraordinary dedication and excellence in the areas of teaching, scholarship, and service with the Saint Thomas Aquinas Excellence in Teaching Award, the Saint Edith Stein Excellence in Research Award, the Joseph M. McFadden Excellence in Service Award, and the Teach Online Awards to Spur Transformation (TOAST).

We proudly recognize and celebrate our faculty’s achievements!

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Study Abroad

Go beyond learning, beyond borders and beyond any classroom with UST’s many study abroad programs. You can study abroad as early as your freshman year.

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Study Abroad

Undergraduate students talking in front of Chapel of St. Basil at the University of St. Thomas in Houston, TexasUST's integrated core curriculum prepares you for a life of flourishing in the fullest sense.  While exploring timeless questions through classic texts in the pursuit of wisdom, you’ll also cultivate the skills that employers demand and discover the major that's best for you. Subjects you’ll study include:

  • Theology
  • Philosophy
  • English
  • History
  • Mathematics
  • Social and Behavioral sciences​
  • Fine Arts

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