MLA - Intro​The Master in Liberal Arts at UST is a multidisciplinary Master’s degree, a flexible ALTERNATIVE to a traditional Master’s degree, with courses and electives from among any of 16 concentration areas:

  • For educators looking to advance practical and subject matter expertise
  • For professionals looking to advance their careers or to expand job horizons
  • For everyone looking to go deeper into the Great Books and Great Ideas in the pursuit of life-long learning...

Popular Areas of Concentration: History, Communications, International Studies, English, and Education. Students enjoy small classes and personal attention, with many evening and all online options, along with study abroad and internship opportunities.

Exceptional Opportunity

MLA_ExceptionalThe Master in Liberal Arts is an exceptional opportunity for those who would like to obtain a master’s degree and add to their knowledge, especially in areas not covered in their undergraduate education. The MLA program is designed to supplement and enrich a student’s previous education in the liberal arts. Unlike conventional graduate programs with their narrower specializations, the MLA program encourages, in fact by its very nature requires, students to expand their knowledge in various disciplines. The program therefore aims not only at a deeper understanding of each subject studied, but also at an integration of the various aspects of knowledge, art, and life.

In an environment infused by the tradition of Catholic higher education, the MLA program at UST gives students the opportunity to stretch their minds to full capacity, to ponder issues that give full meaning to life.

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