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Large group of University of St. Thomas - Houston students take their bows after performance

All the world’s a stage – and if you have a passion for bringing stories to life on stage, drama could be the perfect major for you. Whether you want to act, direct, dance or design, you’ll find endless inspiration at UST.


As a Drama major, you could be cast in leading roles as early as your freshman year. Develop your skills by performing in multiple roles throughout your studies. If you’re creative and enjoy making and appreciating art in all its forms, drama can provide a wonderful outlet for your talents.

Situated in the vibrant Montrose neighborhood, just minutes away from the Theatre District and Museum District, UST is well-connected to Houston’s lively performing arts community. With our liberal arts core curriculum, you’ll gain a number of tools to help you achieve success in a dynamic performing arts career.

All the World’s a Stage – Be a Star Player

Female University of St. Thomas - Houston students performs in a Drama productionStudying Drama at UST, you’ll learn how to land the leading role in all aspects of your life. Our graduates go on to exciting careers in performing arts, including stage, film and TV acting. Attend a UST production to get a glimpse into the program.

Some become playwrights, stagehands and makeup artists. Others become directors, stage managers or theatre arts teachers. UST grads are also regularly accepted into major MFA acting programs and film schools around the country.

You’ll also open the door to countless opportunities that extend far beyond the theatre, setting the stage for every aspect of your future. We help you build critical thinking skills, confident communication skills and problem-solving mastery that will help you ace all life’s auditions.

What else can I do with a drama degree?

Robert Cope, University of St. Thomas - Houston Drama graduate and professional actor

I had the opportunity to work on shows and perform right away. Faculty guidance was based on a strong work ethic and a lot of love.


Life is Unscripted – Learn to Improvise

Large group of University of St. Thomas - Houston students take their bows after performanceDrama is life. After the curtain closes and you walk off stage, you’ll always carry the lessons you learned in the theatre. UST’s core curriculum teaches you a variety of ways to be successful, developing skills in:

  • Creative and critical thinking, writing and speaking
  • Ethics, wise and virtuous participation in civic life
  • Balancing the relationship between faith and reason

This liberal arts foundation trains you to drive progress and tangible growth in whatever you do, making you a great asset in any role.