The English Department at the University of St. Thomas celebrates the capacity of imaginative literature to kindle wonder, to instruct and delight, to depict the complexity and diversity of human experience and, through “concrete universals,” to outline the shapes and forms of truth, goodness and beauty.

The English major and minor build upon the Core Curriculum in English, which offers all students a writing-intensive introduction to narrative, drama and lyric masterworks from the classical, medieval, Renaissance and modern periods. The ensuing course of study guides students through the major authors and principal texts of English and American literature, while organizing this survey of the literary tradition in relation to a sophomore-level “threshold” course (ENGL 3300 Introduction to Literary Analysis), a junior-level “bridge” course (ENGL 3341 Literary Criticism) and a senior-level “capstone” course (ENGL 4399 Senior Thesis).

Every English major will be capable of analyzing literary texts critically through studying the historical, intellectual and philosophical backgrounds of the traditional, historical periods of English and American literature. English majors also develop proficiency in interpretive, expository and analytic writing while exercising essential skills in the mastery of grammar, rhetoric and logic.

In addition to a major with a literature concentration, the Department also offers a major with a writing concentration, together with minors in literature and in creative writing. The English Department sponsors two student magazines, Laurels and Thoroughfare, both of which offer opportunities for original submissions from students as well as creative practice in graphic design, editorial technique and all the stages of magazine production from concept to printing.

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