Two University of St. Thomas - Houston History majors study at a picnic table on campusHow did we get where we are today? Any time we ask questions about our present or where we're going in the future, we have to identify and understand our past. Through the study of history we can understand how our society and world has changed – and what has stayed the same.

As a History major at UST, you’ll use specific tools and techniques to study the past so you can better understand the present and plan the future. These tools include use of evidence, critical thinking, good writing skills and research – preparing you for a wide range of careers.

If you’re curious about how the past relates to the present and how critical research can make a better future, history is the ideal major for you.

University of St. Thomas - Houston History major with a book on campusThink teaching is the only career option for history majors? Think again! From attorney to museum curator, politician to best-selling author, the UST History department gives you the tools you need to succeed in a variety of fields. While many history majors indeed go on to become teachers, many others use their history degree as a bridge to a wide variety of careers in:

  • Government and politics
  • Law and advocacy
  • Journalism and communications
  • Business
  • Research
  • Education

What else can I do with a history degree?

Two University of St. Thomas - Houston students talk and laugh on campusSet in the heart of Houston, UST’s History department offers personal support, a dynamic community and friendships that can last a lifetime. You’ll grow into a confident scholar in a diverse urban environment, supported by like-minded students and faculty.

You’ll learn from dedicated and passionate history professors. Faculty will guide you in your studies and help you navigate your career path. If you need additional support, the department offers individual tutoring. Some professors have maintained connections with former students for decades!

Whitney Nell Stewart, University of St. Thomas - Houston 2009 History graduate

The curriculum gave me a better understanding of how faith contributes toward activism and social justice.

Whitney Nell Stewart Assistant Professor of Historical Studies, UT Dallas | B.A. History, 2009

Students walk in front of Chapel of St. Basil on University of St. Thomas - Houston campusUST is Houston’s only Catholic university, inspired and guided by an ethical mission.

We have a special responsibility for the formation of the whole person, empowered for personal success and guided by commitment to faith and to reason.

UST’s Core Curriculum introduces students to the unity of knowledge and prepares them for further exploration of their chosen fields, in the Humanities and in the Sciences. You’ll learn effective techniques for research and analysis, critical thinking, good writing and giving presentations, all essential skills that can prepare you for engaged participation in society and in life.