Music Preparatory School

We provide high-quality private music lessons to students of all ages. We offer instruction in the following areas: piano, strings and voice.

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Music Lessons


  • Private/Individual lessons in piano, guitar, voice and orchestral instruments.


Summer Camps

Piano Camp - July 22-26

Music Preparatory School Faculty
  • Dominika Dancewicz, violin
  • Ning-Chih Hsu, violin
  • Lisa McCarroll, piano
  • Patrick Moore, cello
  • Mohammad Salman, voice
  • Jessica Myers, piano
  • Sergein Yap, viola

For more information on MPS, camps, workshops and fees, contact Jasmine Hatem, Director, Music Preparatory School, at 713-525-3559 or

Policies and Procedures


All lessons take place in the Cullen building at the University of St. Thomas. MPS students may use the practice rooms, located on the second floor of the building. Parents and legal guardians are responsible for the safety of their children when in the building. MPS and the University of St. Thomas are not responsible or liable for children left unattended.

Cancellations/Make-Up Lessons

Students must notify their instructors at least 24 hours in advance if they plan on being absent. Instructors will offer make-ups, according to their availability, in these cases or in cases of an emergency cancellation. If instructors need to cancel, make-ups will be offered later in the semester.