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Philosophy on the level of natural reason, like theology on the level of supernatural faith, pursues answers to the deepest questions concerning ultimate reality and the meaning of life. As St. Thomas Aquinas argued, faith and reason cannot ultimately be in conflict; any apparent conflict is the result of faulty understanding on one side or the other. While all major philosophers are studied at the University of St. Thomas, the philosophy of St. Thomas provides the unifying vision.

The course offerings in philosophy are designed to promote these aims of a liberal education:

  1. To expand the mind through vital contact with many of the greatest and most influential thinkers of all time
  2. To recognize and evaluate the underlying assumptions that govern contemporary opinion and to consider alternatives
  3. To develop a capacity and love for disciplined and creative thinking about complex matters
  4. To understand connections among all the parts of an education and to prepare for graduate study in philosophy, theology, law and other disciplines as a basis for a variety of careers

Assessment in large part will be done in connection with the Senior Seminar, which is required of all majors.

Our Philosophy Department offers an undergraduate degree, a graduate degree and a five-year B.A./M.A.

Philosophy, B.A.
Philosophy, B.A./M.A. 
Philosophy, M.A.
Philosophy, Ph.D.


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Dr. Thomas M. Osborne, Chair

Dr. Brian Carl
Dr. Terry Hall
Dr. John P. Hittinger
Dr. Rollen Edward Houser
Dr. Steven Jensen
Dr. John F. X. Knasas
Dr. Christopher Martin
Dr. Mirela Oliva
Dr. Theodore P. Rebard
Fr. Raphael Mary Salzillo
Dr. David Squires
Dr. Mary Catherine Sommers