Be a
Data Scientist

Become an analytical data expert and find data solutions for a variety of industries. Learn valuable skills with Python and R to prep, manage, visualize, and model data, plus tools to communicate results and more.

Master of Science in Applied Data Science - University of St. Thomas - HoustonIf you’re ready to progress to the next level in your career, the Master of Science in Applied Data Science is the perfect choice. Expanding horizons through data is the focus of this program, offering a hands-on learning experience reinforced by seasoned faculty. Whether you’re a program manager responsible for incorporating new technology in the workplace or an educator who dreams of learning from complex data, UST can help. 

Demand for data scientists is at an all-time high, reflecting fast-moving advances in business technology. And since UST is located in the heart of the most diverse city in America, you’ll have the tools needed to help advance your career and earning potential into a wide variety of fields.

Accelerate Your Potential

MS in Applied Data Science student works on laptop in University of St. Thomas - Houston libraryData-driven research and marketing is now a core component of nearly every organization’s strategic operation, making an MS in Applied Data Science a sound investment to help advance your career. Job openings for data scientists are growing faster than the number of qualified data science professionals to fill them.

Whatever your industry, data scientists have the opportunity to excel in every field, from technology to finance and even government. UST graduates may go on to careers as data scientists, data analysts and program or project managers.

Social Dimensions of Data

University of St. Thomas - Houston Master of Science in Applied Data Science studentsAt UST, you’ll learn how to weigh the social and ethical impacts of data, and how data may be applied to social issues. In the MS in Applied Data Science program, you’re invited to discuss any concept – theology, philosophy, social science and other topics included in our core curriculum.

Our goal is to empower you to serve society with conviction and become a leader in your field. You’ll build a broad base of knowledge that connects ideas across disciplines, improving your critical thinking and writing skills.