MSEIP Next Gen Researchers

500X330_MSEIP_HoustonNextGenThe University of St. Thomas was honored to receive a three-year MSEIP grant from the U. S. Department of Education. Project Director, Dr. Javoris Hollingsworth, and Co-Director, Dr. Birgit Mellis, encourage students to apply to this exciting and prestigious program!

MSEIP Next Gen Researchers Project consists of three activities:

  1. Creation and delivery of two quantitative reasoning courses designed to increase student success in entry-level chemistry and engineering courses based on proven models.
  2. Creation of an academic support system with a special coaching and advising consultant to provide intense, wrap-around support to underrepresented students in STEM to increase their retention and graduation rates. This includes mentoring and tutoring.
  3. Creation of a joint research program for cohorts of UST MSEIP Scholars and students from the STEM Bridges Houston program, which is a nonprofit organization that serves females and other underrepresented students in STEM. These participants receive the opportunity to engage in exciting, hands-on research during the academic year as well as the summer. In addition, the students participate in enrichment activities and receive personalized mentorship to advance their development.  
The Next Level of Research

500X330_MSEIP_NextLevelFor their participation in research, students receive stipends in the fall, spring and summer terms. The participants also receive support for travel with opportunities to participate in research conferences while thriving with intensive, wrap-around counseling and support.  Participate in MSEIP and experience academic and career success with a cohort of driven and committed students!

Specialized courses will allow students to understand and integrate problem-solving skills throughout their STEM courses. The created and piloted courses will include: Physics and Engineering Scholars Seminar and Quantitative Reasoning for Chemistry Scholars. Students must obtain these necessary skills in order to apply them in various STEM studies, resulting in an increase in student success.

UST students will also participate in hands-on research with students from the nonprofit, STEM Bridges Houston program, which serves a population that is 100% female, 86% first-generation, and 99% underrepresented youth.  They will participate in a special summer research experience with the option of continuing their research projects during the academic year. 

Hands-on research projects are critical to fostering interest in STEM research.

Become part of MSEIP today!  Current openings include peer mentors, student researchers, MSEIP program participants and students that might just be considering career options in STEM!