Female chemistry student holding beaker of fluid in the STEM Center for Science and Health Professions at the University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas​​​Everybody’s looking for great chemistry, that mysterious spark that makes everything work. What is chemistry? What does a chemist or chemical professional do? 

Chemistry is the science of substances and the ways they interact. 

chemist researches substances and experiments to create useful compounds to solve problems in medicine, energy, agriculture, manufacturing and much more.

Chemistry is a good choice for you if you take a scientific, technical approach to solving problems through research and experiments, you enjoy analyzing data and you’re a good decision-maker and communicator.

  • Study the properties of matter, the forces that hold matter together and energy changes associated with changes in matter.
  • With more elective courses and flexibility in the B.A. in Chemistry than the B.S., tailor the program to your specific interests.

Download B.A. in Chemistry Degree Plan

  • Study the properties of matter in depth.
  • Focus more on the technical, through more chemistry and math courses.

Degree Plan - B.S. in Chemistry

  • Apply chemistry principles and techniques to answer questions in biology.
  • Bring together and study advances in both biology and chemistry.

Degree Plan - B.S. in Biochemistry

How to enter the program:

Current University of St. Thomas Chemistry student’s must meet with Master of Science in Industrial & Process Chemistry program director during their junior year to make sure all pre-requisites have been completed to enter the graduate portion of the degree. Once all requirements are met, Chemistry undergraduate students need to complete the UST Graduate Application.


  • Current University of St. Thomas Chemistry undergraduate student
  • Cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale
  • Interview with program chair
  • Completed graduate application

Degree Plan B.S. in Chemistry/M.S. in Industrial & Process Chemistry MSIPC Program

  • Minor in chemistry with any major.
  • Typically, biology, psychology, criminology or cooperative engineering majors choose chemistry as a minor.

Chemistry minor

Prepare for Success in a Health ProfessionIf you want to become a doctor, dentist or other health professional, a Pre-Health Professions Track will ensure you meet every requirement for any Texas medical or dental school application. You’ll work with a dedicated Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC) advisor to plan your roadmap to a health professions school. HPAC resources include:

  • Medical & dental school application workshops
  • Personal statement writing 
  • Mock interviews
  • Mock MCAT/DAT

Apply with your stamp of approval in hand. HPAC will write a composite evaluation letter for medical and dental schools, taking into account several letters of evaluation from professors, CV/résumé, grades, test scores and applicant interview questions to give you a collective recommendation.

A Lifetime Of Opportunity

STEM students in chemistry lab at University of St. Thomas in Houston, TexasWhen you earn a chemistry degree at UST, you’re making a smart investment in your future. Demand for talented STEM workers is on the rise, and Houston boasts the #1 median salary for STEM workers in the nation.

UST offers the perfect launchpad to a rewarding career as a chemical professional, with connections to top companies and organizations in Houston, including: 

  • Texas Medical Center
  • ExxonMobil
  • Third Coast Chemicals

University of St. Thomas - Houston - company logos where chemistry majors have interned

UST Chemistry Students Cherry-Picked for Unique Opportunities  

Why do Houston’s pickiest recruiters seek out top talent from UST’s chemistry classrooms? Because according to them, our students are among the best-prepared for challenging professional environments.

In our classrooms and labs, you’ll get rock-solid education, along with the real-world, hands-on experience you need to shine in the best companies.

Our chemistry majors have excelled in internships and summer research experiences.             

American Chemical Society logo - University of St. Thomas - Houston

At UST, you’ll have the opportunity to become a leader in our chapter of the American Chemical Society (ACS). Set yourself apart for prospective employers after you graduate by joining UST’s award-winning ACS chapter:

  • Develop leadership skills
  • Research
  • Volunteer
  • Make friends

UST chemistry degrees are ACS-certified – we get the highest stamp of approval for preparing students to be chemical professionals. 

Do Big Things
in the Center for Science and Health Professions

The Center features cutting-edge equipment typically found only at much larger universities, including improved safety gear in the chemistry lab.


Undergraduate male chemistry students in the STEM Center for Science and Health Professions at the University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas


Science and technology are taking quantum leaps ahead. We’ll support and encourage you to contribute to the future of science, challenging you to think about what science can do, as well as what it should do. 

Every UST student takes a thought-provoking Ethics course, where you’ll learn how to weigh the moral implications of your work

We emphasize research integrity – that is, conducting research in an honest way and reporting data factually, so the conclusions you draw will be useful and make a meaningful impact in the world.

Quote about research at the University of St. Thomas - Houston from biochemistry major Ana Hernandez

Working with Dr. Chandra on our research project was an amazing experience. It challenged me to expand my creative scientific skills.



Toni Martinez serving as peer mentor during instructional session at STEM success center on the campus of the University of St. Thomas in Houston, TexasThe more traditional STEM professions (physician, dentist, pharmacist, etc.) will require you to continue your education beyond UST. But there are other STEM jobs that do not require an advanced degree. They include:

  • food science
  • research or pharmacy tech
  • analysts
  • science communication and journalism
  • oil and gas
  • environmental science

The STEM Success Center can help you set goals and develop a career plan.

You also have access to the center's peer mentoring program. Peer mentors hold regular sessions for test review, one-on-one help and study skills with subjects including biology, chemistry, math, physics and engineering.

Students indicate the program has helped them score 25+ points higher on their exams. Learn more by visiting the center's Facebook Account for the UST STEM CENTER  or Twitter Account for the UST STEM CENTER  page.