Math majors at the University of St. Thomas - HoustonMath lovers understand that every problem has a solution. Described by many as the language of science, and by Einstein as “the poetry of logical ideas,” mathematics is the study of patterns.

Math proficiency is highly prized by many top employers, and demand for mathematicians and statisticians is growing fast. Multiply your opportunities in a wide variety of careers with a strong foundation in mathematics.

Most UST math majors conduct research in their area of interest, further setting them apart after graduation. The personal relationships you build with professors will help you excel academically and develop greater confidence in social situations. It all adds up to a promising future.

The Math Is In Your Favor

Group of Math majors at the University of St. Thomas - Houston walk across campusGiven job growth and earning potential, mathematics is an excellent choice as a career path. With a variety of major organizations headquartered in Houston, our city is booming with career opportunities. A math degree opens up a number of job opportunities in:

  • Computational science
  • Computer programming
  • Banking and finance
  • Business
  • Research
  • Engineering
Jonathan Hanus Electrical Field Engineer, Fieldcore, a GE Company | B.A. Mathematics, 2008

Studying at UST definitely helped me get into a good graduate school, and I met a lot of great people I’m still friends with.

Jonathan Hanus Electrical Field Engineer, Fieldcore, a GE Company | B.A. Mathematics, 2008


Toni Martinez serving as peer mentor during instructional session at STEM success center on the campus of the University of St. Thomas in Houston, TexasThe more traditional STEM professions (physician, dentist, pharmacist, etc.) will require you to continue your education beyond UST. But there are other STEM jobs that do not require an advanced degree. They include:

  • food science
  • research or pharmacy tech
  • analysts
  • science communication and journalism
  • oil and gas
  • environmental science

The STEM Success Center can help you set goals and develop a career plan.

You also have access to the center's peer mentoring program. Peer mentors hold regular sessions for test review, one-on-one help and study skills with subjects including biology, chemistry, math, physics and engineering.

Students indicate the program has helped them score 25+ points higher on their exams. Learn more by visiting the center's Facebook Account for the UST STEM CENTER  or Twitter Account for the UST STEM CENTER  page.