500X330_ME_IntroEngineering has always been an in-demand field with a constant need for critical thinkers and problem solvers. In the Bachelor of Science: Mechanical Engineering program, you will learn the fundamentals of what it takes to be a great engineer. This program offers a wide array of learning opportunities from traditional classroom and laboratory settings to undergraduate research and engineering design oriented courses.

Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest, and by far the most popular, field of engineering today. As a mechanical engineer, you will apply physical science concepts to address real world problems. A Bachelor of Science: Mechanical Engineering degree is often considered to be the most flexible and adaptable to your specific interest. This program focuses on a broad scope of course work in small classes to ensure individual attention to each student by your professors.  This setting will not just teach the necessary engineering science, but give you the tools to succeed in whatever career path you choose. Tap into your potential at UST to begin addressing and solving the problems of today and the future.

The BS Mechanical Engineering Program will prepare undergraduate Mechanical Engineering majors to apply concepts of science and engineering in the professional and academic worlds through exposure to complex problem solving using theoretical, experimental, and computational tools to address modern problems within the various topics covered under mechanical engineering. Students will also heavily focus on the engineering design process to prepare to take on open-ended, real world engineering challenges. The Department of Physics and Engineering supports the Universities mission by offering a learner centered environment with small class sizes and attention by each faculty member to each student’s personal and academic development. We offer a rigorous academic curriculum to ensure student success during the time at UST as well as preparedness for future studies and employment. The Physics and Engineering faculty embraces the ethos, culture and spirit of UST and aims to educate students to become not only to think critically and become competent in their field of study, but also to communicate effectively and become ethical leaders.

A few years after graduation, graduates of the Mechanical Engineering program demonstrate:

  1. A professional competence in Mechanical Engineering and will sustain the intellectual curiosity characteristic of a life-long learner, continuously contribute to the global body of knowledge in their field especially, but not limited to applications of heat transfer, fluids, materials science, manufacturing, energy, and the environment, through scholarly work, inventions, and other forms of innovation.  
  2. Their leadership, aptitude, and skills in the field of Engineering, as manifested in their ability to communicate thoughts and ideas through written, oral, or visual means.  
  3. A sense of social responsibility, good ethical behavior and professional commitment through involvement in diverse community engagement activities and active membership in professional organizations in the field of Mechanical Engineering.

This program’s curriculum is aligned to ABET’s quality standards including the following student outcomes: https://www.abet.org/accreditation/accreditation-criteria/criteria-for-accrediting-engineering-programs-2024-2025

Engineering Physics is a relatively new field in engineering. If you have a strong interest in both engineering and physics, this program prepares you to design, develop and apply new solutions in engineering, from research and development to education, medicine, law and business. The program culminates with Capstone Engineering Design classes in the 4th year, where you’ll work in a small group on one project from idea to design to realization.

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Join the Bachelor of Science: Chemical Engineering program at UST and learn to apply the principles of chemistry, physics, and engineering to design chemical plant equipment and develop chemical processes for manufacturing a variety of products such as fuel, chemicals, drugs and food.

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Engineering has always been an in-demand field with a constant need for critical thinkers and problem solvers. In the Bachelor of Science: Mechanical Engineering program you will learn the fundamentals of what it takes to be a great engineer.

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Join UST’s Bachelor of Science: Electrical Engineering program to gain a strong foundation in general Engineering, Physics and other STEM subjects as well as knowledge in specialized upper division classes, such as electronics, microprocessors, control systems and robotics. Unique electives will allow you to tailor the curriculum to your desired career goals.

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Women in Engineering Shine at UST
  • Over 30% of the students in UST’s physics and engineering program are women, remarkable among universities.
  • Half the UST physics and engineering faculty members are women, serving as strong role models for women in engineering careers.
  • Studying and working alongside other women helps you visualize your own success, making you more competitive as a woman in science.

50% of physics minors at the University of St. Thomas - Houston are women

Physics and engineering faculty members are women.