500x330_Global Cybersecurity_1The Bachelor of Arts in Global Cybersecurity at the University of St. Thomas addresses the important question of the efficacy of human agency and the role of technology in society today. The program provides students with the tools to understand and employ emerging digital technology, both theoretical and operational, in a manner guided by ethics informed by Catholic social teaching. The multidisciplinary program offers courses in international studies and computer science, as well as new courses focused on enterprise cybersecurity, governance, geopolitical risk, cyber ethics and cyber warfare. 

The program is offered 100% online or hyflex for any students who wish for a more traditional on campus experience.  The degree plan also offers highly technical courses and labs designed to facilitate understanding of advanced computer operations in a simulated environment to test theories and skills. Experiential learning, such as internships, study abroad, and participation in professional conferences and workshops, is built into the program to further enhance the learning environment. This enables students to exchange ideas, participate in team building projects and explore rapidly changing capabilities of emerging technologies in the digital ecosystem.

As part of the program, students will also be brought into the ongoing dialog concerning how the digital ecosystem is to be governed. They will confront questions such as, who is served by the application of these powerful technologies, how can these technologies enhance human dignity and what should be the role of the individual in the use of such technologies? As a faith-centered institution of higher learning, it is vital for us to actively confront the debate about the role of technology in our world today.

Be A Leading Voice

500x330_Global Cybersecurity_2The Bachelor of Arts in Global Cybersecurity program is centered on questions of ethics, privacy and data protection as they apply to the cyber domain and how we address the impact of such technologies on the communities and institutions in which we live and work.

The University of St. Thomas aims to be a voice in the ongoing conversation about the role of technology in society, the primacy of human agency and the promotion and protection of the dignity of the human person in the digital ecosystem. Therefore, the central focus of the Global Cybersecurity program is to firmly establish a moral and ethical lens through which technology and its application into the field of knowledge in human society is to be viewed and to do so firmly grounded in Catholic social teaching.

Program Highlights:

  • A community of scholars of experienced faculty dedicated to student engagement, excellence in instruction and success.
  • Expertly developed multidisciplinary courses in computer science and international studies, with a newly designed university core that will provide a balanced and inspired approach to scholarship.
  • Exemplary relationship with the Houston professional, academic, business, and civil society community that will draw upon these resources to benefit the student learning experience.

Requirements Disclaimer:
*Please note: This is an online program and international students cannot maintain or obtain F-1 student visa status or I-20 form through this program.