Psychology major studies in front of Jesus sculpture on University of St. Thomas - Houston campusSolving the mysteries of human behavior and the mind is like cracking an intricate riddle. Psychology reveals how the pieces of the human mind interlock.

As a Psychology major at UST, you’ll learn to put the pieces together by thinking critically, conducting research and using analytical software. Combined with study abroad programs and internships, our unique curriculum emphasizes social justice and service to the community, paving your way toward a wide variety of careers in psychology.

If decoding the mind to improve the lives of those in need sparks your synapses, a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Psychology may be right for you.

Psychology majors sit and talk on University of St. Thomas - Houston campusHow can you unlock the door to personal success and inspire others to do the same? Psychology gives you the keys. Our graduates go on to have bright futures in:

  • Counseling & advising
  • Education
  • Nonprofit outreach
  • Medicine
  • Mental health & therapy
  • Research coordination
  • Statistics

At UST, you’ll have career-igniting opportunities that take the guesswork out of landing top positions after graduation. With access to choice internships and service learning endeavors, you’ll gain the hands-on experience necessary to rock your chosen occupation.

Organizations in the Houston area that partner with us for internships and research opportunities include Baylor College of Medicine, Children’s Assessment Center and Center for Optimal Brain Health. You’ll graduate prepared to use scientific research in social justice and health fields to make a real difference in people’s lives.

Psychology majors have a discussion in front of Chapel of St. Basil on University of St. Thomas - Houston campusEmpathy and ethical leadership drive any successful psychology-based career. UST is Houston’s only Catholic university. Our core curriculum prepares you to study and understand human nature from a foundation of faith. These essential virtues of goodness, discipline and knowledge complement psychology as we look into our hearts and minds to fully understand human behavior and change lives.

From conducting research for legal cases to applying analysis to nonprofit organizations, the foundation you receive at UST will foster critical thinking skills and a sense of community. In the game of life where the next right move can be difficult to plan, your psychology degree will prepare you to move boldly forward as you guide and serve others.

Prepare for Success in a Health ProfessionIf you want to become a doctor, dentist or other health professional, a Pre-Health Professions Track will ensure you meet every requirement for any Texas medical or dental school application. You’ll work with a dedicated Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC) advisor to plan your roadmap to a health professions school. HPAC resources include:

  • Medical & dental school application workshops
  • Personal statement writing 
  • Mock interviews
  • Mock MCAT/DAT

Apply with your stamp of approval in hand. HPAC will write a composite evaluation letter for medical and dental schools, taking into account several letters of evaluation from professors, CV/résumé, grades, test scores and applicant interview questions to give you a collective recommendation.