St. Basil Chapel 500x330In partnership between the University of St. Thomas and Word on Fire Institute, the new Master of Arts in Evangelization and Culture offers academically rigorous engagement with the thinkers, ideas, and practical methods necessary to proclaim the Gospel to a secularized and tech-saturated world.

Launching in June 2024, all courses will be taught live online, with an optional intensive in-person summer residency on the campus of UST.  Students will have dedicated faculty available to them throughout the program. Faculty will include faithful scholars and Catholic thought leaders, including Word on Fire Institute professors.

Evangelization and Culture

INTRO - EvangelizationAnchored in the eight pillars of Bishop Robert Barron’s Word on Fire movement, with special emphasis on identifying the ‘seeds of the Word’ in the world, the program teaches students how to employ the Church’s rich philosophical, theological, moral, and artistic traditions, both classical and contemporary, to evangelize the culture and draw individuals into, or back to, the Church.

Examples of core curriculum courses include Christology for Evangelists, Biblical Theology for Evangelists, and Reading & Writing for Evangelists. The core curriculum will be supplemented by elective courses such as Dante for Evangelists and Spiritualist for Evangelists.

The optional summer residency at UST promises to be particularly enriching, offering students immersion in Catholic culture and a period of intensive study. This year, the Summer Intensive will be June 1-7, 2024.

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Theology at UST
Along with the Master of Arts in Evangelization and Culture, the University of St. Thomas offers a variety of specialized faith-centered graduate degrees widely respected for their excellence. Explore these programs below.

The Master of Arts in Theology at the University of St. Thomas studies include the study of Catholic doctrine, Church Fathers, St. Thomas Vatican II and Pope Benedict. The program prepares graduates to work as a teacher, catechist, minister or DRE.

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The M.A. in Faith and Culture is designed to form leaders seeking to live with deeper faith, hope and love in today’s world while ministering to others. Our courses draw on the riches of Church Tradition, Scripture and social science research to identify the worldview and ideological forces at work in the dominant American culture, and discern how the Gospel message transcends, challenges, and redeems that framework. Generous scholarship assistance is available!

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The Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies prepares the lay student for diocesan and parish opportunities in areas such as religious education, youth ministry, and social ministry and outreach. This program is also available to students in formation toward ordination into the permanent diaconate.

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Are you ready to be a witness to the whole truth about God and the human person? Are you eager to meet the challenges of life today in the Church and in society through a strong faith and bold use of reason? Follow the path of Saint John Paul II! If you are a faith formation director, Catholic educator or professional seeking to integrate faith and reason, the University of St. Thomas Master of Arts in John Paul II Studies is the program for you.

The Saint John Paul II Institute offers a unique program, the only one of its kind. You’ll take part in a comprehensive study of the thought of John Paul II, including all of his 14 encyclicals.

This online program is flexible for busy professionals, and it includes a capstone course with travel to Poland.

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The Semillero Center of Hispanic/Latino Theology is a graduate school that offers two 100% online master's degree programs in Spanish. The first program, Pastoral Theology, equips students to take on leadership roles and trains future educators after the example of Christ. They are provided with a solid theological foundation that delves into the history, mission and figures in the Catholic Church.

The second program is in Sacred Scriptures, which provides students with a deep understanding of the Bible and its role in the Catholic Church. It covers literary bodies, biblical languages, and methodologies pertinent to exegesis and hermeneutics.

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Requirements Disclaimer:
*Please note: This is an online program and international students cannot maintain or obtain F-1 student visa status or I-20 form through this program.