Word on Fire Institute and UST-Houston will launch a first-of-its-kind accredited Master of Arts program in Evangelization and Culture in June 2024. This program offers students academically rigorous engagement with the thinkers, ideas, and practical methods necessary to proclaim the Gospel to a secularized and tech-saturated world.

The program will be offered live online only by Word on Fire Institute and UST faculty with no pre-recorded elements. There is an elective opportunity for an intensive experience on the campus of UST-Houston June 1-7, 2024. To learn more about this program, visit stthom.edu/MAEvangelization.

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Dr. Matthew Petrusek announces the Master of Arts in Evangelization and Culture

Meet The Spokesperson

Dr. Tom Harmon, Associate Director of Catholic Studies at UST-HoustonDr. Tom Harmon, Associate Director of Catholic Studies at UST-Houston

Dr. Tom Harmon is Professor and Scanlan Foundation Chair of Theology and Associate Director of Catholic Studies at the University of St. Thomas in Houston, TX. He received both his Master's and PhD in Theology from Ave Maria University.  Harmon is a Catholic speaker and noted author on the subject of Augustine and political philosophy, theology and media, and is an occasional film and TV reviewer. As director of UST's new Master of Arts in Evangelization and Culture, Harmon is eager to help students bring together the riches of the Catholic intellectual tradition with cutting edge knowledge of media in the service of sharing the Gospel. Harmon resides in Sugar Land, TX with his wife and five children. In his spare time, he enjoys playing pickleball with his friends (in between injuries).

Suggested Interview Questions
  1. This accredited master’s degree program is the first of its kind. What drove its creation? What is its overall goal?
  2. Evangelization is a word you hear often in the Church, but many don’t practically know how to go about it. How does this program uniquely teach the skill of evangelization?
  3. Is this an online program similar to other Word on Fire Classes, or is this program different? What type of courses can students expect? What can students expect to experience during the summer immersion experience?
  4. What are your hopes for the future of this program?
  5. How can people learn more?
Media Requests

Contact Carrie Kline at carriek@missionadvancementpartners.com for interview requests.

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