at the University of St. Thomas

500X330_StudyTheology_IntroAre you interested in studying Theology at the University of St. Thomas?

The University offers a wide variety of exciting opportunities at both the undergraduate and the graduate levels.

The Theology Department at the University of St. Thomas boasts an active faculty that is prolific in research and publishing and has a strong commitment to service. As an essential component of the core curriculum, Theology reinforces the Catholic Identity of the University. The discipline of Theology is indispensable for maintaining both the synthesis of knowledge and the dialogue of faith and reason that are the hallmarks of the Catholic Intellectual Tradition.

The Theology program focuses on the following components:

  • Sacred Scripture
  • Systematic Theology
  • Moral Theology

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The University of St. Thomas offers a dual philosophy and theology program that has students studying at the renowned Center for Thomistic Studies while graduating with a background in both theology and philosophy.

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The Master of Arts in Theology at the University of St. Thomas studies include the study of Catholic doctrine, Church Fathers, St. Thomas Vatican II and Pope Benedict. The program prepares graduates to work as a teacher, catechist, minister or DRE.

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In partnership between the University of St. Thomas and Word on Fire Institute, the new Master of Arts in Evangelization and Culture offers academically rigorous engagement with the thinkers, ideas, and practical methods necessary to proclaim the Gospel to a secularized and tech-saturated world.

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How to enter the program:

Current University of St. Thomas Theology student’s must meet with Master of Arts in Theology program director during their junior year to make sure all pre-requisites have been completed to enter the graduate portion of the degree. Once all requirements are met, Theology undergraduate students need to complete the UST Graduate Application.


  • Current University of St. Thomas Theology undergraduate student
  • Cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale
  • Interview with program chair
  • Completed graduate application

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La Palabra de Dios dice en Proverbios 4, 5: “Adquiere la sabiduría, adquiere la inteligencia…” Con este lema bíblico identificamos la Maestría de Artes en Teología Pastoral (MATP) cuya función primordial es que el estudio ayude a vivir mejor el llamado a la santidad (relación con Dios), servir en la construcción del Reino en la Iglesia y la sociedad (relación con el prójimo) y ayude a la persona a nutrir y enriquecer su fe personal (relación consigo mismo).

¿Tienes una licenciatura universitaria, bachelors o carrera profesional en cualquier ramo sea de tu país o de Estados Unidos? Tu calificas para esta maestría. La University of St Thomas es una de las primeras universidades católicas en ofrecer esta maestría 100% online y en español. Puedes terminar este posgrado de manera presencial o a distancia desde la comodidad de tu casa, a un precio muy accesible, todos los profesores con nivel doctorado y en un corto tiempo (1 un año y medio) puedes terminar el plan de estudios de 12 clases.

El mundo hoy necesita de laicos encendidos en el amor a Cristo preparados a nivel teológico y académico, dispuestos a servir en una sociedad multicultural y diversa.

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Are you ready to be a witness to the whole truth about God and the human person? Are you eager to meet the challenges of life today in the Church and in society through a strong faith and bold use of reason? Follow the path of Saint John Paul II! If you are a faith formation director, Catholic educator or professional seeking to integrate faith and reason, the University of St. Thomas Master of Arts in John Paul II Studies is the program for you.

The Saint John Paul II Institute offers a unique program, the only one of its kind. You’ll take part in a comprehensive study of the thought of John Paul II, including all of his 14 encyclicals.

This online program is flexible for busy professionals, and it includes a capstone course with travel to Poland.

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Located on the grounds of St. Mary’s Seminary campus in Houston

The Certificate (a non-degree program) is designed to help develop the academic and pastoral skills necessary for ordination as a permanent deacon in the Catholic Church and for other ecclesial and lay ministries.

Admissions Requirements

  1. Completed online application
  2. Transcript from accredited secondary school or GED. Official transcripts from each college or university attended showing proof of degree/credentials attained.
  3. Approval of sponsoring agency, if applicable.
  4. Students whose first language is not English may be required to hold a passing score on the TOEFL.

For more information on the Certificate in Pastoral Studies, please contact or 713-654-5706.

St. Mary’s Seminary offers a Pre-Theology Program in conjunction with the University of St. Thomas for those students needing to complete the Philosophy and Theology requisite courses in advance of beginning their seminary studies toward ordination to the Roman Catholic priesthood.

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The Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies prepares the lay student for diocesan and parish opportunities in areas such as religious education, youth ministry, and social ministry and outreach. This program is also available to students in formation toward ordination into the permanent diaconate.

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Designed for Roman Catholic priesthood candidates, the Baccalaureate in Sacred Theology (S.T.B.) program is dedicated to providing outstanding theological education in the Roman Catholic tradition to develop the intellectual, spiritual and pastoral skills necessary for ordained ministry. Located on the beautiful, wooded campus of St. Mary’s Seminary in Houston, this program is in collaboration with St. Mary’s Seminary in Baltimore, Maryland.

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The Diaconate Program shows how the fostering of vocations is made through efforts to communicate and share the story of the diaconate and the sacramental nature of this ecclesial ministry which finds its meaning in the life of service.

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The Master of Divinity, Non-Ordination track program (LMDiv) prepares you for lay ministry in the Catholic Church or pastoral leadership in other Christian denominations.

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The Master of Divinity, Ordination track program prepares men for ordination into the Roman Catholic priesthood and ministerial leadership in the Church.

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