Cooperative Engineering students at the University of St. Thomas - Houston conduct research in the lab​Engineers are creators and inventors who solve complex, real-world problems using science and math. Look around. You’re surrounded by the work of engineers. For every building constructed and new technology invented, an engineer has left their mark. Will you be next?

The Pre-Engineering program at UST is seeking students who view every obstacle as a challenge to be overcome. Creative problem solving is required. Experience constructing robots, building block creations and treehouses is a plus. Apply within to make a lasting impact on the world.

Female student in Cooperative Engineering lab class at the University of St. Thomas - HoustonAs a Pre-Engineering student, you'll have the opportunity to earn two degrees in five years, a B.S. in the engineering discipline of your choice from a partner school and a B.S. in Engineering Physics from UST. This second degree isn’t just another diploma to hang on the wall. Top employers seek out our students because of the rock-solid engineering education they receive.

Following a 3/2 plan, you'll study for three years at UST, building a foundational knowledge of engineering and science while gaining a quality liberal arts education. During this time, you'll follow an individualized plan that includes the prerequisites needed for the engineering program at your chosen school.

You'll then transfer to complete the last two years of your engineering degree at one of our partner schools. We have well-established articulation agreements with the University of Notre Dame and the Catholic University of America. If you're interested in a four-year engineering degree at UST, please inquire with Admissions.

Complete your engineering degree at one of UST's partner schools:

  • Catholic University of America
  • University of Notre Dame

After earning an engineering degree from a partner school, you can also earn your B.S. in Engineering Physics from UST by transferring relevant upper-level credits to UST and applying for the degree.

degree plan

Nationwide Demand For Engineers

Logos of companies where alumni of University of St. Thomas - Houston Cooperative Engineering program work

Choosing UST’s Pre-Engineering program opens up a future of excellent job opportunities. UST is located at the epicenter of the job market for engineers. Not only does Texas boast the #1 average median salary for STEM careers, Houston, the energy capital of the world, is the #2 job market for engineers in the United States, according to Forbes Magazine.

Nationwide, engineers are in high demand, and our Pre-Engineering students can choose from a wide variety of specialties, including chemical, civil, electrical, industrial, mechanical, nuclear and technological engineering. Former Pre-Engineering students have landed careers at Apple and Texas Instruments as well as locally at Phillips 66, Jones and Carter and Landtech.

Joe Bedell, University of St. Thomas - Houston BA in Mathematics 2014

UST prepared me for the challenges of engineering school, and helped me grow mentally and spiritually.



Toni Martinez serving as peer mentor during instructional session at STEM success center on the campus of the University of St. Thomas in Houston, TexasThe more traditional STEM professions (physician, dentist, pharmacist, etc.) will require you to continue your education beyond UST. But there are other STEM jobs that do not require an advanced degree. They include:

  • food science
  • research or pharmacy tech
  • analysts
  • science communication and journalism
  • oil and gas
  • environmental science

The STEM Success Center can help you set goals and develop a career plan.

You also have access to the center's peer mentoring program. Peer mentors hold regular sessions for test review, one-on-one help and study skills with subjects including biology, chemistry, math, physics and engineering.

Students indicate the program has helped them score 25+ points higher on their exams. Learn more by visiting the center's Facebook or Twitter page.