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Group of Study Aboard students in Salamanca, Spain

Students Study Abroad in Salamanca, Spain

In June 2012, Spanish students spent a month living with a host family, taking morning classes at the Universidad de Salamanca and spending afternoons and evenings in the hands-on Culture of Spain course taught by UST professor Dr. Elizabeth Coscio. Weekend excursions outside the city rounded out the program that also explored the uniqueness of Salamanca’s architecture and art and music scenes.

The Modern and Classical Languages Department (MACL) of the University of St. Thomas allows students to dive deeper into the study of both the modern languages such as French and Spanish as well as the classical languages of Greek and Latin.In this unified world, a multilingual major offers opportunities in diverse careers, such as business and media, or for continued studies in graduate programs, such as medicine and law. We also encourage students to study abroad during their studies, and many students have local internships

French offers a complete program of language and culture that prepares students to teach, continue their studies at the graduate level or work in a variety of international fields. French majors will reach an advanced level of proficiency in speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

Since 1983 the University of St. Thomas is home to the only Francophone Parish in Galveston-Houston, making this our 31st year. This year there are 100 students in catechism, taught in French by adult parishioners, with the help of Fr. Ted Baenziger, right here on campus. We have two (sometimes three) Masses in French in the Chapel of St. Basil each month, plus Baptisms, First Communions, Confirmations and even Marriages.

Please visit to our website for dates and times. After Mass we gather over a glass or two for conversation; three times a year there is a pot-luck lunch, a real treat for kids, parents and guests. Students are always welcome to these celebrations.

Spanish language studies offer a program of literature, culture and application of language skills. Majors are prepared to interpret, translate, teach, undertake graduate studies and use language in various linked careers.

Classical Languages
Dealing directly with the classical texts, students return to the beginnings of a philosophical, political and literary tradition that spans three millennia. The program’s intention is to provide a cultural and artistic understanding of classical civilizations and to equip students with the grammatical skills necessary to handle competently ancient Latin and Greek texts of a moderate complexity. The study of these two languages “in which wisdom itself is cloaked, as it were, in a vesture of gold (John XXIII in Veterum Sapientia)” grants the student access to two key languages in the Catholic tradition. Beginning students are exposed to the Latin of the Church and the Greek of the New Testament and read classical authors, such as Ovid and Plato.

French, B.A.
Spanish, B.A.

Classical Languages

Popular Joint Majors
Spanish and French, Spanish and Communications, Spanish and International Studies, Spanish and Mathematics, Spanish and Psychology

Additional Courses Offered
Arabic, Irish, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, German and Russian

Bilingual Education
Primary and secondary teaching certifications in Spanish

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Dr. Elizabeth Coscio, Chair of MACL, Program Chair of Spanish 

Rev. Edward J. Baenziger, Program Chair of French
Dr. Michael Boler
Dr. Pedro Fernandez
Dr. Felisa Reynolds