Online Open House
Thursday, May 30, 2024 at 6:00 PM

Learn more about the Master of Science in Clinical Translation Management program. Connect with faculty as they discuss how the MCTM program can help you advance human health and biomedical innovation.

Intro - MCTMLearn how to turn basic discoveries from the laboratories into drugs, medical devices or clinical processes for use in the patient-care setting through our Master of Science in Clinical Translation Management (MCTM) program.

The MCTM program, guided by Catholic tenets, acknowledges the inherent dignity of every human life and the importance of promoting the well-being of individuals. It nurtures the students' sense of responsibility and ethics as they begin their quest to apply scientific progress to patient care. By ensuring that the advancement and promotion of biomedical technologies align with deeply held principles, the program strives to create a positive societal impact and extend the frontiers of human health.

This accelerated one-year program is cohort-based that admits once a year during the Summer II semester.  Courses are asynchronous and online, with in-person residencies and networking opportunities.  Options are also available for a MCTM/MBA dual degree or Certified Quality Science Professional (CQSP) certification.

Transform Cutting-Edge Research Into Patient Care

​The MCTM program will help students with market entry and funding strategies to move a project forward while facilitating technologies that show significant promise in navigating the translational process, allowing new treatments and cures to reach patients.

Students will learn how to identify the qualities that make a biotechnology product or company likely to succeed in the endeavor to commercialize their product. From there, they can find ways to navigate and address any potential scientific, legal, financial, and management issues that might arise at any stage of commercialization.

Program Overview

From Bench To Bedside​MCTM is a one-year online program that fast-tracks its students through a rigorous curriculum and provides a robust understanding of the biotechnology industry as well as the business, marketing, and regulatory skills necessary for a career in this field.

Though the majority of the program is completed through online modules, students are provided ample opportunity for in-person training, networking, and professional development through the university.

The MCTM program also offers a MCTM/MBA dual degree option. Students starting in the MCTM program can earn an MBA by completing 8 additional courses (54 hours total).
The MCTM program also offers a Certified Quality Science Professional (CQSP) certification. For CQSP certification, students can complete three courses (at no cost) from Pathways for Patient Health Quality Science Education program (a $1,600 value). Students receive credit for two courses through completion of the MCTM and also gain access to mentoring, resume help, and hiring portal resources.

Participants of the MCTM program are required to attend three residency periods. 

The first residency is in Houston, where students receive an overview to the fast-paced, innovative MCTM program. Students will also have the opportunity to engage with the life sciences ecosystem in Houston. 

The second residency takes place in a virtual (online) accelerator, where each student starts on a real-world life sciences commercialization project. 

The third residency is part of an international study abroad program, where students participate in the focused exploration of the life sciences ecosystem in another country.

Requirements Disclaimer:
*Please note: This is an online program and international students cannot maintain or obtain F-1 student visa status or I-20 form through this program.