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Accelerate your business career in 1-2 years with an MBA from UST.

University of St. Thomas - Houston MBA Master of Business Administration graduateUST’s Cameron School of Business now offers the most flexible, affordable, and fastest quality MBA available!  This newly re-structured Master in Business Administration program consists of 30 hours (10 courses) including the core curriculum and graduate courses of concentration or electives, allowing students to quickly and easily earn a customizable MBA – saving you time and money.

Classes are offered both online and on-campus, making it even easier to advance in your career and increase your earning potential.  UST offers flexible scheduling, approachable faculty, and opportunities to network with some of Houston’s best employers. With UST's central location, you’ll have quick access to some of the best companies. No GMAT or business background is required.

Affordable, values-based and designed for those focused on continuous improvement, UST offers one of the best MBA programs in Houston.

University of St. Thomas - Houston MBA Master of Business Administration graduate in officeGain a significant career edge by earning an MBA. If you’re ready to step up your game, an MBA degree is your springboard to a brighter future. Graduates go on to exciting leadership positions in:

  • Banking & finance
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Health care
  • Oil & gas
  • Technology

UST’s MBA program is designed for busy professionals who want to advance. Even while working a full-time job with other commitments, you can reasonably complete coursework within 2 years, taking classes on evenings and weekends.

Your success hinges on many factors, including the relationships you build with others in the business community. As a graduate student at the University of St. Thomas Cameron School of Business, you'll have unparalleled networking opportunities:

Business symposium
Business Symposium

Annual conference connecting you with alumni and leading Houston business experts.

Career Day
Career Day

Panel discussions with alumni and executives on how to best leverage a degree from UST.

Celts exploring businesses
Exploring Businesses

Visit organizations and hear from employees developing and executing business strategies.

Guest speakers
Guest Speakers

Every semester, guest speakers join classes to provide insights and expertise.

Kirk Monroe, University of St. Thomas - Houston BBA & MBA Accounting Graduate

UST gave me good direction at a time when I really needed it, challenged me and taught me how to be successful.

Kirk Monroe, MBA, CPA President, Lightning Step Technologies | BBA and MBA Accounting, 2008

MBA students on campus in front of the Chapel of St. Basil at University of St. Thomas - Houston​UST is Houston’s only Catholic university, and Catholic social values form the foundation of our core curriculum. You’ll learn how to engage in capitalism with a conscience, weighing the moral implications of your decisions. Empower yourself with knowledge, integrity and skills to serve society with conviction and become a leader in your field.

Even in business classes, you’re welcome to talk about big topics, from ethics to policy. You’ll gain a broad base of knowledge connecting ideas across disciplines, giving you deeper powers of understanding. Many of our graduates are driving positive transformation through their work in the business world.