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Intro - MSBWhether you have studied biology, political science, psychology, philosophy, engineering, math or any of the liberal arts in your undergraduate studies, the University of St. Thomas’ one-year graduate business program, the Master of Science in Business will complement your undergraduate degree with the credentials to pursue your passion with invaluable business skills.

Our intensive curriculum-based program grounded in Catholic ethics and morals, explores the necessary language, skills, tools, and processes to initiate a career in business, the not-for-profit sector and much more. Through a variety of case studies, field trips and guest speakers, we will create a real-world experience. In just few months you will have the knowledge and tools to make a living doing what you love.

Dr. Mario Enzler, Dean, Cameron School Of Business

At the University of St. Thomas we do not educate to create more efficient workers or more satisfied consumers, but freer – and better – persons.

Dr. Mario Enzler Dean, Cameron School Of Business