A very special degree for clergy.

10 courses. Completed in as little as 11 months.

Program Highlights

Intro - MEAM

  • Take the best practices of secular management and businesses and apply them to your church, diocesan and parish life.
  • Tackle budgeting to strategic planning, managing human resources and fundraising.
  • Includes a one-week intensive study session at the University of St. Thomas campus in Houston, TX.

The Master of Science in Ecclesial Administration and Management (MEAM) is a professional degree that prepares clergy for effective and efficient parish and diocesan leadership. The 30-credit Master of Science in Ecclesial Administration and Management degree consists in a one-week on-campus intensive immersion session and the balance of the coursework online.

Course content emphasizes various aspects of fundraising, the transparent management of financial resources, the organization and management of employees, and effective communication strategies with the dual aims of promoting faithful stewardship and fostering growth through evangelization.

Most Reverend Jose Gomez, Archbishop of Los Angeles

This program will serve an important purpose in the Church in this country, making all of us better stewards of the resources of the family of God.

Most Reverend Jose Gomez Archbishop of Los Angeles

The Goal

The Goal​The program’s goal is to take inspiration from the proven best practices established in the secular business environment and assist the clergy and key figures in parishes, dioceses and religious orders to manage day-to-day administrative responsibilities and to best respond to particular challenges and difficulties that might arise.

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  • The transparent management of financial resources
  • The good organization of human resources
  • Effective communication strategies

We offer the tools needed to support those responsible for serving the primary activity of the Church, especially in this times marked by increasingly scarce resources and ever-changing rules and structures. The program recognizes the “managerial” role of the priest as implicit in his vocational responsibilities and seeks to introduce new approaches and methodologies, new managerial and organizational techniques, for identifying, solving and even preventing crises, as well as reflects on the place of the priest’s managerial responsibilities within his call as to live as shepherd and servant.

Dr. Mario Enzler, Dean, Cameron School Of Business

I’m confident Catholic institutions will benefit from administrative and managerial formation of the clergy. Our goal is equipping the Church with skilled leaders.

Dr. Mario Enzler Dean, Cameron School Of Business