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International Business

The International Business degree program is a joint collaboration between the Cameron School of Business (CSB) and the Center for International Studies (CIS) to educate technically skilled and ethical future leaders of global commerce. In the 21st Century, business is global and young professionals equipped with knowledge of international contexts, cross-cultural communications, and foreign language will excel. Students pursue coursework in the business disciplines as well as business-government relations, foreign policy, and international politics.

The degree provides students with the skills and knowledge sets to be effective problem solvers and decision makers in a global business context.  This requires that students

  • Develop the technical skills related to business disciplines and practices
  • Possess cross-cultural and global awareness
  • Understand and navigate the political economy in domestic, bi-lateral, regional, and global contexts

The program includes the foundational courses in business to facilitate admission into graduate business degree programs.

Degree Programs

Bachelor in International Business, BIB

Degree Requirements

Fourteen courses will be offered through Cameron School of Business and nine courses will be offered through the Center for International Studies. Students must successfully complete two semesters of a foreign language and at least one short-term study abroad program taught by UST faculty.


Course Catalog


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Center for International Studies | 713-525-3530